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Five Best Gaming Keyboards for The Gamer

When it comes to gaming computers, what used to be one of the most commonly overlooked accessories was the keyboard. That’s right. For the competitive PC Gamer – or rather any PC Gamer, the gaming Keyboard is no longer a simple one size fits all accessory, but can be the accessory that can make the difference when it comes to crowning the champion of a particular game. Here, we look at five different gaming keyboards; each built and designed to suit a slightly different genre of gaming.

The Basic Benchmark Gaming Keyboard


This particular gaming keyboard is about as “generic” as a gaming keyboard can get. It excels at not one particular function but is a cut above every other traditional keyboard. Form the use of lightweight aircraft grade metals in the frame, to the anti-slip padding underneath, recessed screw wells, together with a mechanical keyboard that minimizes wear and tear on the gaming keyboards internals, the City Radius is the benchmark for what a gaming keyboard should be. This is the keyboard for the player who does not play heavily in a specific genre of games but plays everything from FPS to RTS and RPG. The ideal keyboards for each of those genres coming up!


The Marathon Gaming Keyboard


This is the gaming keyboard that you will find in any gaming dedicated cybercafé in Malaysia because it is designed for one type of gamer: – The Marathon Gamer. This sub group of gamers is the ones who become famous for six hour online gaming marathons in DOTA 2, Paladins and StarCraft 2! It has a lot in common with the City Radius including the mechanical keyboard and anti-slip features (I did say the City Radius is the basic benchmark) but goes the extra mile to incorporate phone slot that will fit most standard smartphones – so you’ll never lose track of it – and is also is water resistant, meaning that spilled can of Red Bull or Mountain Dew will not ruin your keyboard, even if that one gaming session is ruined as a result! I would personally get myself one of these!


The Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming Keyboard


Most modern games rely on a great deal of muscle memory and more importantly, knowing where every key for every possible action or combination of actions is located at all times. This is never truer that with Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games like World of Warcraft, Arch Age and TERA. In addition to the features one would find in the “benchmark” and “Marathon” gaming keyboards, the key feature here is a customizable backlight system that will allow users to setup customs lighting for each key, so that the MMO gamer will know where every attack (red), defense (blue), support (purple) and healing (green) spell/ability is, as well as which keystroke on their gaming keyboard will allow them to send messages to teammates, allies and when necessary, enemies alike.


The First Person Shooter Gaming Keyboard


Some games are designed to use the mouse; some are designed to use the keyboard to vary degrees. But one of the most keyboard intensive genres of gaming, and one of the reasons gaming keyboards exist is for the First Person Shooter – FPS – genre, where the same few unfortunate keys will be on the receiving end of hundreds of thousands of keystrokes.


The aforementioned keys include “W,” “A,” “S,” “D,” “Q,” “E,” the number keys and “F1-f10.” Gaming keyboards designed to handle this kind of use have a raised mechanical keyboard design to reduce the stress impact and wear and tear on ALL of their keys, making FPS Gaming Keyboards the ones least likely to give you any problems with the keys at least. These are also great if you are a heavy handed typist as the keyboard is less likely to breakdown!


The Real Time Strategy Gaming Keyboard


Where some games are demanding on your keyboard (the FPS), others require full use of an entire keyboard (the MMO), others are somewhere in between these two requirements. The Real Time Strategy gaming keyboard has to fill a unique niche role in that the entire keyboard will be used, with some keys being used more than others.


The keyboard structure and design will be mechanically similar but certainly much more sensitive, giving greater tactile feedback and responsiveness as the gamer makes and adjusts their decision on an almost moment to moment basis in games such as Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars, StarCraft 2 and various games in the “4X” genre such as Civilization VI, and X-Com2 where one of the player opponents is time itself.


Whether you are the specialist gamer by genre, the generalist gamer, the marathon gamer, or a combination of these, there is beyond a doubt the right gaming keyboard for your gaming use. Pick the right one at ezbuy, and get your game on. Good Game, Good Luck and as always Have Fun!



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