How to Throw The Perfect Dinner Party ?

Have your days of tequila shots, loud techno music, and unbearable hangovers come to an end?

Do you find yourself preferring to stay in on a weekend with a bottle of wine than go out to a bar?

Yes, it’s happening –you may want to sit down for this; you’re become a grown up. It often takes you by surprise, leaving you wondering how such a palpable change went unnoticed for so long. Take a good look around you, from your furniture to the décor to even what you’re watching on Netflix, it’ll slowly start to sink in. The final straw was probably the hors d’oeuvres you offered your friends the last time they dropped by. Once you start accepting this drastic change, it’s only customary to start your grown up initiation by throwing a full-fledged grown up dinner party. So let us show you how!


Sending Out Invitations

Yes, the distinction between a grown up party and well, not one is the very minimal guest list. The invitation itself already implies that the gathering is rather formal; because you’ve taken the time to write a message, set a date, send out the invites, and handle all the preparations yourself whilst simply requesting the warm presence of your guests in exchange.

Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to start licking envelopes; invitations can be sent via text message or even email as long as there’s an air of formality to it. The other more fun aspect of having a grown up party is that you can decide on a theme and people will actually follow through with it. Depending on what kind of event you’re hosting, you can go full on ‘The Great Gatsby” or settle for a small tea party soirée. You decide!


Start Spring Cleaning

Before hosting your fabulous dinner party, be prepared to take out those rubber gloves and your trusty mop for some intensive housekeeping! The only thing worse than having your guests not show up at all, is showing up to a filthy house!

Now you would probably be thinking like what every child does at some point – ‘it’s just a dinner gathering, why should I have to clean the whole house?

Wrong. What if one of your friends wants to sneak upstairs to breastfeed her baby? What if someone spills wine on their white top and wants a change of clothes? What if it’s their first time visiting your home and they ask for a tour? There are many scenarios so it’s always better to be prepared. Either way, you are bound to feel a great sense of accomplishment upon looking at your sparkly clean house in the aftermath.


Decoration is Everything : Table Decoration

When setting a theme, it’s important to follow through with it by means of appropriate decorating. For instance, if you were to set an Alice in Wonderland theme but fail to change or impose anything to the venue for added accuracy; your whole theme will come crashing down. (Your guests also may not take you seriously the next time you may want to invite them to a themed party)

Things to take into consideration when decorating are table settings, cutlery, and added aesthetics. I’m not saying you need to spend a few hundred dollars to recreate a magical water fountain, but improvising and changing things up a little to fit the theme will go a long way. Plus, it makes for great insta-worthy pictures! Be the envy of your friends!


Cook A Fancy Meal

It’s normally expected for the host to provide the guests with meal whether it be catering or home-cooked meals. If by chance you’re not a big fan of diving into the kitchen and testing your domestic abilities; opt for a caterer or suggest a potluck where all your guests can prepare and bring dishes of their own.

Should you decide to cook however, there are several key things to note. How many guests are you expecting? What’s your budget? Are there special dietary requirements that need to be highlighted? If half of your guests are vegetarian I wouldn’t suggest roasting a chicken, you get the idea.

Pro tip: Don’t try cooking something you’re trying out for the first time in case it ends in flames –literally.


Make Cocktails : Cocktail Shaker

Probably one of the things anyone would look forward to the most are the cocktails! Let me paint you a picture; you and a group of your friends sitting at the dining table reminiscing over your blissful school days and laughing away, sipping on some frozen margaritas. As you’re sipping on your cocktail, you bring up how back in your college days the only alcoholic beverage anyone had was beer or tequila shots. It’s one of those things where you can look back and think ‘yeah I had a really good time that night‘ and that’s how bonds are forged.


All in all, dinner parties -grown up or not are just meant to bring people together to have a good time. It’s one way of reconnecting with old friends, forming new traditions, or just keeping a close bond between your circle of friends and family from time to time. So delay no more, get cracking on that dinner party of yours!

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Had a dinner party of your own recently? Brag about it in the comments below.



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