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12 Wardrobe Essentials for Women With Hijab

Admit it, we all guilty of buying things we do not need. It is very difficult to pass on a fashion store without being seduced with their beautiful pieces. The magnetic force of the store becomes more unbearable when the word ‘SALE’ plastered on every corner. The result? A shopping free and an overflowed wardrobe!


Keeping up with the never-ending trends can be exhausting for all women but let it not be the reason for you to lose your sense of style. For those hijab-clad women, looking good in their hijab while preserving their modesty also become one of their main concern. Like their fellow non-hijab women, hijabis also have a list of items that are considered as essentials to their wardrobe. These wardrobe essentials can go with almost any look and will never lose their appeal. Here at ezbuy Malaysia, we list down 12 absolute must-haves wardrobe essentials for women with hijab!



Well, if it isn’t the elegant abaya. While non-hijabis usually have a little black dress (LBD) as their wardrobe must-have, we hijabis got abaya. Yes, the abaya is basically the equivalent of the LBD. We use it for both formal and informal occasion. It is easy, go-getter piece for every hijabis out there. Traditional black abaya works great for any occasion but you can also choose one with fancier design and colour for dinner and special gatherings.



Scarves are must-haves items for all women with hijab. It is the signature item for all hijabis out there. Whether you prefer shawl, pashmina, satin shawl, or square scarf is a different question altogether. Do not be afraid to experiment different types of scarves until you find the one that suits you. Make sure it gives you the most comfort and allow you to style up modestly. Bear in mind, though, not all colour will suit your skin tone!


Under Scarves

Some can go perfectly well without under scarves. For some hijabis, they cannot help but have unruly hair poking here and there when they do not wear one. While the main purpose of under scarves is to secure your hair and scarf in place, recently these items have been used by hijabis to style their hijab. So, stock up more under scarves with your favourite colours and find the perfect scarf that goes with it!


Pin & Brooches

These tiny items do come in handy when you need most. If you are an expert hijabi, you can easily wrap your scarf around without a pin or brooch. Yet for most of us, we do need these little fellas to make our scarves stay put. The pins are also used to create different styles and wraps, some of which might need a handful, while another style only needs one or two. Nowadays, you can also find cute and quirky pins that go with your personality.


Long-sleeved Inner

Hijabis are crazy about long-sleeved inner. We can pair it up with chic outerwear or use it to glam up with short-sleeved dresses. Black, grey, nude and white are among the most basic colours that can go with almost any dress and outerwear so make sure you have it in your wardrobe.


Tunics & Long Shirts

Tunics and long shirts are the perfect tops for a minimalist look. It can still look great when paired with jeans and boots. For those hijabis who are feeling a bit lazy to play dress up, a tunic and long shirt can still make you look effortlessly chic. It is loose, comfortable yet chic and cool. Who wouldn’t love such perfect combination?



Outerwear is definitely a wardrobe essential for a woman with hijab. You can choose to keep a blazer, a trench coat, a sweater, a long cardigan or jacket as must-haves outerwear. You can use outerwear along with a t-shirt, tunic, dresses and long-sleeved inners. Make sure this is the piece that can go with the rest of your wardrobe and speaks the most of your style.


Basic T-shirts

Who says basic t-shirts boring? That is if you do not know what other items that can create a stylish look to go with it. A simple tee, a boot cut jeans, heels and a hat can go a long way. Plus you can always match it up with a nice blazer and outerwear to make a trendy look.


Long Skirts

The long skirt is a great addition to your wardrobe. If you are not so brave with colour, a black and grey may suit you well to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. Those you are looking for more personality can opt for maxi cuts with bold colours and floral patterns.


Boyfriend Jeans or Palazzo Pants

These loose bottoms are another essentials bottoms for all hijabis out there. You can create a minimalist and relaxed outlook by combining a shirt with your boyfriend jeans. For those who opt for a more lady-like look, you can go for palazzo pants instead of boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable and loose, great for those looking for a modest yet sophisticated look.


Tights & Leggings

For women with hijab, wearing tights and leggings as part of their main garment is not recommended. Nevertheless, we do need this item while wearing abayas and dresses. Leggings and tights can be worn inside as undergarment to avoid any wardrobe malfunction should your abaya and dress decide to be swirled by the wind.


Stylish Bag and Shoes

Handbag and shoes are girls’ best friend. Decide what kind of style that are significantly yours and tries to find one particular bag and shoes that can go with almost all your looks. Although it is not easy, you can tell what kind of bag or shoes that suit you more. You can go for a backpack and sneakers if your love street wears look or a sling bag and a pair of flats for a dreamy and feminine look.



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