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Beauty Splurge v Steal – What You Should Splash Out On & What You Can Scrimp On ?

Buying beauty products are so dangerous, we get so easily sucked into the world of scent and colours and the endless possibilities. New lip colour? YES WE WANT. Face illuminator? Don’t know what that is but we’re sure we need it. Eyebrow kit for 200$? Yes please. We swear Sephora is a black hole and once you step in, there really is no way out.

Yes, we have all been victims of splurging on beauty products, that purple lipstick we never used, and that shampoo that promised you smooth and manageable tresses but didn’t actually work and your hair is still frizzy.

When shopping for your beauty products, we always think splurging is wise because, hey, they’re beauty products! But there are actually many ways you can save, not everything from high end stores are worth their price, and not everything from the supermarket belongs in the trash can.

Here’s a list we’ve put together for you so you know when to save and when to splurge:

Splurge: Moisturizer


Why: Why would you even think of scrimping on this? It’s your face, the first thing everyone sees, and it needs utmost pampering and care! Every girl has different skin types, and we all need something specific that can cater to our needs. Drugstore brands usually have limited benefits, and they are also mostly designed for skin whitening purposes.

Go see a beauty consultant, talk to them and find out what works for you and what doesn’t, and then get that tub of moisturizing cream that your skin deserves. Remember to get both day cream and night cream, settle for nothing less!

Splurge: Foundation/Primer


Why: These are the base of your makeup routine. They lay the “foundation” for your art work later on. They are also the first layer of product your skin absorbs in a large quantity after your moisturizer, so it’s best to splurge on something high quality. You also want to make sure you find the right shade for your skin tone!

Scrimp : Mascara


A lot of the high-end mascaras work the same way as the ones from a supermarket. The most important part of the mascara is actually the wand. So what you can do is keep the wand from your expensive mascara and use it for the cheaper one from the supermarket.

The supermarket mascara also come in all different styles, cat eyes, waterproof, barbie eyes, whatever you need, so you’re all set!

Scrimp : Eyeliner


Eyeliners are mostly made from wax, and they all operate on the same modus operandi: glide over your eyes and make them look big and adorable. You need to spend a bomb to do that, just grab any pencil liner from a supermarket, and you’ll pull the trick. Although high-end eyeliners tend to last longer, you can fix this by simply reapplying your eyeliner when it starts to fade.

Save: Blusher


Blush comes in many forms, cream, powder, mineral, stick, and you might get carried away with how pretty they look. The trends change all the time as well. One day powder blushes are cool, the next day the whole world is raving about cheek tints. But here’s the thing about blushers, they can easily be improvised. You can either get a drugstore brand, which comes in many colours, or you can also use your lip balm to dab on some colour on your cheeks.

Scrimp: Lipstick


Lipstick is the most important part of the look for some people. If you love wearing bold and bright shades like purple, pink or red, it’s easier to find more choices in places like Sephora. Nude and soft colours are much easier to find at your drugstore, but they usually have limited choices. Also, there are so many new colors coming out all the time, so it’s best not to spend too much on a tube that you’re not even going to finish using.

However, you can always mix and match your shades to add more dynamics to your lip colour. Although high end lipsticks tend to have a more polished finish, you can easily emulate that look by topping off your lipstick with a lip gloss.

Splurge: Perfume


Never scrimp on this no matter what you do girlfriend! Perfumes or fragrances have a very distinct character, and it is very easy to tell when someone is wearing drugstore perfume. Drugstore fragrance have a more generic scent, whereas high end ones have a more specific scent profile that speaks volumes about your personality. Some might beg to differ, but we say go for it! Pick up that bottle of Viva La Juicy, Lancome, or Versace, find the one scent that will help you make an entrance.

 Save: Lotion


We usually use a lot of lotion on our body, especially if you’re one of those people with dry skin. A lot of drugstore brands like Nivea and Vaseline make great, moisturizing lotion, that also offer sun protection. You can easily pick the right lotion that matches your skin’s needs without breaking your budget.

You can splurge on expensive, scented lotions from Victoria Secret, but perhaps you want to save that for a special occasion.

Scrimp: Nail polish


We say scrimp because no matter how good your nail polish is, it rarely ever lasts more than five to six days. And besides, you have your monthly manicure appointment anyway, so why splurge on a small bottle of nail polish? Get your generic drugstore brand, and then make your nails look more posh by sticking on nail art stickers or diamante studs.

It is undeniable that all of this is the latest fashion trend which can satisfy everyone regardless of their taste in beauty or fashion. Visit ezbuy and get your favourite beauty products now! 

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