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Fashion Do’s & Don’t’s 2017

A frequent thought is “how do I be in style this year?” for all you fashion lovers this question plays on your mind, you check stores to see the new season clothing and you get excited when something new is on the shelves. However, what are the fashion DON’T’s of 2017, now this year there has already been some ‘cringworthy’ examples on the red carpet. It has been unique to levels of just completely unattractive.

Fashion needs to accentuate the individual, and once understanding your style you need to know how to take the latest trends and add your personal touch to them in a trendy manner, once that is successful you have officially uncover a – fashion DO.

Let’s have a look at the fashion Don’t’s of 2017, and some of those cringworthy examples…


Do Show Some Skin


Showing skin is a beautiful way to accentuate styles, clothing’s such as: off shoulder tops, slit dresses and bare backs, are elegant pieces that really add a certain posture to the outfit and allows the clothes to really showcase your curves and assets in an appropriate and sophisticated manner.


 DON’T Show Too MUCH Skin

There’s a fine line between trendy and tasteless when it comes to following the transparency style. You have to make sure to keep the all of famous – Owens’ “bareness with modesty” motto in mind when dressing in sheer, especially if you’re utilizing this style to work and formal events.

Attempt choosing outfits that focus on bareness in only one area, such as an outfit that only bares skin on the shoulder area or legs, and throw on a modest cover-up like a cardigan, blazer or scarf over the top to make it look somewhat, more ‘modest’.


Do Go Retro

Guess who is back? The punk and disco-loving decade is back in the fashion game this year. From retro jumpsuits to long maxi dresses with plunging necklines, this style demands attention with its funky hippie 70s vibes.

For example, Runway models in the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac show rocked outfits featuring loud graphics and sheer fabric combinations which was adored by the fashion police and really set some statements to retail stores. Chanel also presented models wearing feminine 70s-style suits, which almost confirmed the resurrection of this fashion statement. It has become such a retro craze that, even footwear is going 70s this year with retro knee-high laced sandals, which are just comfortable and certainly shoes that do the talking.


DON’T Go Retro on Your Hairstyle


Now, just because throwback wardrobe pieces are making a major comeback doesn’t mean you should translate this vintage/retro style to your hair as well. Although some head accessories – such as floral headbands or clips – are stylish and certainly a DO, 2017 fashion bloggers are urging you to stop short of flared bangs, puffy hairdos and back combing EVERYWHERE, reminiscent of your favourite ’70s icons.


DO Put on Your ‘Ruffles’


The feminine and artsy look of ruffles is certainly in this year, with the a large number of the runway featured models being delicately draped in such dresses and blouses which are rowed with elaborate ruffles. This is embodying a vibe that’s classy and feminine while adding light and airy textures that look effortless, and give your outfit dynamics.

This style looks particularly great on knee-length dresses that accentuate that fluffy bottom hem lines and paired with floral or patterned prints.


DON’T Go Overboard with The Frills

Loving the ruffled look can make it extremely tempting to purchase ruffles a little too much. Remember: too much of a good thing, is no longer a good thing. Make sure to treat this fashion trend as a delicacy, only wearing one ruffled garment at a time and pair it with something of a lower tone and subtle.



If you have not yet come across the term “Normcore” lingering around, you are in for an unexpected fashion treat. The Normcore style is simply “dressing normal,” which is currently being showcased by well by the brand GAP. The long for sweatpants, plain tee’s and original jeans is back in to make beauty look effortless yet stylish.

This style can be as simple as throwing on a sweatshirt and maxi skirt, bringing thecasual 90s feeling to your wardrobe. Many fashion designers may not have adopted “Normcore” across the board, but they certainly used aspects of the this comfy look.

DON’T Look Lazy & Slumpy

As tempting as it may be to keep with the simplicity of the Normcore style exclusively you have to however make sure you do mix it up a little, so that you do not look like you came out in your Pyjamas so to say. This style is so comfortable and loved, although too many days dressed in an oversized hoodie could verge on lazy and slumpy.


DO Embrace The Sunshine Yellow


This year, throwing splashes of sunshine yellow into your wardrobe is seen as an instant style upgrade. The Spring 2017 runways were filled with glamorous wardrobe pieces featuring shades of gorgeous, eye-catching bold yellow bursts.

From sophisticated floor length gowns to even bright yellow pants, there’s a fashion piece for anyone and everyone with this striking spring colour. To incorporate this bold hue into your everyday style, it is recommended to use softer versions of yellow and pairing this colour with textured garments.


DON’T Go Yellow on Yellow on Yellow (Matchy-Matchy)


The key to mastering the yellow trend is mixing and matching this bold shade with other colours and patterns, for example royal blue or colourful floral prints. You have to make sure you offset the brightness of your yellow wardrobe choice with minimal accessories and the neutral colour accents to tone down the wholeness of the yellow.


So are you ready for your 2017 fashion makeover? With these straight-from-the-runway tips and recommendation and much insights gathered, you will definitely be in style without cringy malfunctions. Use these tips to freshen your current style and add trend-setting additions to your wardrobe. This article has everything you need to create the perfect, runway-worthy wardrobe that will make you look and feel as fabulous as any fashion model seen on the media, if that is what you are looking to achieve.


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