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A Guide For Short Girls To Look Taller

Half pint, smalls, skittle, vertically challenged, little one, midget, dwarf are all names I’ve familiarized myself with growing up as someone who was considered short. I’m sure all you girls in the 5’3 and under club will be able to understand as well. Although being short definitely has its benefits and can be considered cute; sometimes it’s nice to feel tall as it gives your confidence a little boost.

Flared Jeans


The struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans is real for petite girls like you and I. Even when you do manage to find a pair, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up rolling up the hems to avoid tripping or stepping on them when you’re walking about. The one solution to all your jean problems lies within the notorious bell bottom jeans, or as some call it –flared jeans. These jeans are perfect for a small frame because of how it hugs and accentuates your curves whilst the flare that often hits the brink of the ground gives the illusion that elongates your legs because of how it hides your toes and ankles.


It’s hard to curate a fashion outfit according to your body size when it’s already such a challenge scrounging for things that fit your height. Fortunately, feigning your size is much easier than height as you can use jackets and carefully planned layering to hide the fitting imperfections of your clothes. For example, if you have a shirt that has a bit too much space hanging under your arms, all you need is a tight fitted coat and no one will be able to tell! Vice versa on clothes that are a bit too tight; an oversized jacket or cardigan will do the trick.

High Waisted Pants


High-waisted apparel is always an essential in any short girls fashion outfit. When it comes to pants, wearing high wasted ones would definitely deceive a few inches from an outside perspective. The perfect combination with high waisted pants would definitely be a crop top may it be a halter, off-shoulder or even a spaghetti strap. However, if by chance you’re rocking something with a little more material, my advice would be to tuck it in as not only does it exaggerate your curves it also makes your legs appear like they start from your waist down.

Maxi Dresses

Not only are maxi dresses gorgeous, flowy and make you feel like a princess –they’re also so easy to throw on! These killer fashion outfits always highlight your curves and mask the reality of your height with all the fabric dancing around. On the other hand, maxi dresses that are too roomy and unfitted tend to give the opposite impression so be wary when picking your maxi dresses, ladies. For added style points, you can pair these dresses with some gladiator sandals or pretty flats.


Beanies, fedoras, baseball caps, snapbacks, berets, any additional fashion article you add on your head will inevitably add a few inches to your height. Besides adding some chique aesthetic to your fashion outfit, you’re also misleading everyone into thinking that besides being extra cute you’re also extra tall. If you’re out in the day, couple your hat with some shades, a lacy number and skinny jeans for a boho Vanessa Hudgens-esque vibe.


It goes without saying that heels will add an effortless amount of height to your look, make your legs look longer, and butt look bootier. It’s unfortunate that although it may be a perfect added item for extended height, wearing them for long periods of time may cause blisters and bruises which is why you can’t wear them out for every occasion. Only the more reason for you to go all out for when you do actually decide to wear them! For a fancy dinner party, you could wear a pair of suede pointed toe pumps that is the epitome of class. On the other hand if you’re just looking for something casual, maybe go for these black wedged booties that are stylish but also super comfy for day use. Bonus tip: To elongate the look of your legs even more, choose a pair of heels with low shoe vamps.

At the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being short and cute sized. In fact, we should embrace it because it comes with perks like how we can be picked up, are perfect sized for cuddling, always have lots of legroom, you’ll always look younger than most, you can wear the highest heels and not look like a walking coconut tree and I could go on. We should all learn to work with what we have because everyone is given a different and unique body that should be celebrated.


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