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Know Your Heels

Flats, pumps, heel, straps and all that makes every man lost for words. Total of women’s shoes is: UNIDENTIFIED. There is too many specification involving types of shoes and the correct usage each of them. Well actually, that confusion not only involves man but woman as well. But seriously woman, we need to know the correct ones so we won’t end up using the wrong type of shoes. Woman in heels, will definitely draws attention. However, there is an optimum time for trying on heeled shoes because it might cause skeletal and muscular problems if it us used excessively. Now, let’s begin our journey with the shoes.


  1.      Kitten Heels

Whether it’s pointy, round or strapped, as long as it has a 1.5 inch of height below your heels, then it’s the Kitten Heels. Kitten Heels are the best to wear for a casual outings or even a party with your girlfriends. It is safer to walk or run with these kitty heels especially when touring the mall. There is no reason for you to get all sloppy wearing Kitten Heels.

2.    Pumps

Some might say, it’s just a high heel, but it’s not. It is actually different from any normal high heels that we used to know. Pumps are wider at designs and much higher than the usual high heels. Using Pump Heels will actually make your legs look longer than usual. It might injure your back if you did not move correctly with these pumps. So, be careful even though to look beautiful needs a lot of pain.



3.      Ankle Strap Heels

One of the sexiest heels for working woman is definitely the Ankle Strap Heels. The strap designed to circulate the ankle, makes every feet looks great when pairing it with a pencil skirts or even a slim cut pants. A classic, understated ankle strap heels will never grew old. It matches everything and most importantly, it is comfortable and safe to use.


4.      Wedges Heels

If you are looking for something casuals to elegant, wedges heels are extremely fashionable, versatile and comfortable. It might not be good at any occasion, but in terms of styles, you still can rock it with super cute mini dress but NEVER a Gown or a long dress.

REMEMBER, not all wedges are high heels but, a thick wedges heels will make all legs look thinner.  Wearing wedges to casuals occasions such as social events will be really comfortable compared to stilettos since wedges gives more support while standing.



5.     Wedges Sandal

Wedges Sandals is another comfortable and wearable shoe than can rock your daily activities. Not only it’s comfortable, but wedges sandals are easy to maintain. Since it is comfortable, you can easily walk faster without thinking about falling. Plus, it won’t damage your back or ankle for standing too long while using it.

Some might say it will look sloppy to match some clothes. To make everything look good when wearing one, always remember to put them on first before deciding to wear them.


6.      Sling Back Heels

Most of us will definitely wore our sling back heels just for work or attending casual cocktail party as it is really comfortable to work with. But just to add some variety to your Outfit Of The Day, sling back heels will looks super great with your casuals. Sling back designs aren’t as fictitious as other kind of heels. Pairing it with anything will be good from office attire to evening wear.



7.      High Heels Sandal

High heel fans can never live without this type of heels- The High Heel Sandals. It has a diversity of style and designs that will make every girl scream for any brands. Strap, Ribbons, Corsets or Gladiator style, high heels sandal will won the best selling high heels, worldwide. High Heels fan will know how to choose the best high heels sandals. They will choose thicker platform and avoiding thin sole.


And that is the first 7 types of high heels in the Heels dictionary. Are you more keen and wary on what you should wear now on any occasions? Try not to dress off and take some time to match things up before you go to any outing and events. More footwear to choose at 🙂 

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