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A Quick Man’s Guide To Wearing Jeans

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the jeans are a guy’s best friend. There’s no way you can refute that. Jeans go with everything. They’re strong, they last long, and they never go out of style – very much like me. They’re reliable. They’re comfortable. They can be casual, or, if styled correctly, can also provide the illusion of being formal.

Like the women in my life, jeans also come in all shapes and sizes. There are straight cut jeans, boot cut, slim cut, relaxed cut, and many other cuts. I used to be one of those guys who would throw on the first pair of jeans they see in the morning, and pair it with the first t-shirt their hand can reach in the closet.

But of course, that was until I learned how easy it actually is to pair your jeans with a shirt to exude that confidence, manly persona. Fret not, my brothers, I’ve done all the trial and error, the experiments, and I am here to share that secret with you. I understand that pairing and matching jeans with a shirt sound like an uphill climb, but I will make it a downhill stroll if you just stay with me for a bit.

First of all, (read in Jon Snow’s voice) brothers, we need to determine the right pair of jeans for you. Women usually pick their jeans according to their body type, whether they want to enhance their legs or hips and so on. But for men, it’s pretty simple, we pick our jeans according to the occasion. Want to go hang out with your friends place to watch football and eat pizza? Pick a loose, relaxed cut. Want to take your woman to a nice dinner? Pick a straight or slim cut. Want to get them dirty and give your laundry lady a hard time? Pick a boot cut. But in all seriousness, that’s all you need. A loose pair, and a slim tight pair.

Next, let’s move on to the shirt. I promise you that all you need is 4 shirts. One black, one white, one plaid, and one denim. These 4 shirts, brothers, will take you through rain and shine, through thick and thin, till death do you two apart.

There are many ways you can pair your jeans with a shirt, but I have narrowed down my style book to feature only 5 looks:

I’m a classic man

When in doubt, pair your jeans with a denim shirt. It is almost impossible to go wrong with this look, it’s chill, confident, and shows that you have style without trying too hard. All you have to do is make sure that your shirt is a slightly different shade from your jeans, because you don’t to look too matchy-matchy. Just make sure to roll up your sleeves and don’t brush your hair, because girls love that shit.

I’m going on a date

This ‘black shirt on jeans’ look works perfect for a date. Crisp black shirt, worn loosely over a pair of dark jeans gives a soft and mysterious vibe. It’s effortless, yet chic, it goes to show that less is truly more.

I’m going shopping 

If you’re just hanging with the boys or need to pick up a few things from the store, try this Ryan Gosling inspired look. Throw your plaid shirt over wife-beaters and pair it with your jeans, and voila! Throw on a belt and a pair of shades for that extra oomph.

I’ve been working out

If you’ve been hitting the gym regularly with utmost discipline and diligence and you want it reflect on your outfit, choose a slim-fitting shirt that will outline your biceps and your pectoral muscles. Go with a lighter shade to draw more attention to your upper body. To complete the look, pair it with your slim fit jeans.

Take it from Bollywood star Varun Dhawan, leave a couple of buttons undone, and roll up your sleeves to reveal those guns!

Boyfriend material 

For a preppy, Nate Archibald look, wear a short-sleeved shirt and throw on a sweater. It oozes a classy, confident, yet super-chill vibe. Plus, you can ask a girl to feel your sweater and tell her it’s made of “boyfriend material”. How’s that for a pick-up line?

There you go, comrades. With only 2 pairs on jeans and 4 shirts, you are ready to take on anything that could possibly come your way!

Now before I finish, I am obligated to remind you that no matter how lazy you get, you must never wear jeans under these three circumstances:

1.You have an important presentation
2.You are going for a job interview
3.You are Harvey Specter

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