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We Love The Embroidery Trend & Why You Should Too!

When we say the word “embroidery” do you think more grandma’s tapestry or high-fashion? Well regardless of whatever you thought of, we are here to tell you that the stitching technique has been shone over with the same light used in Miranda Priestly’s office. Don’t know why it took so long, but who knew that embroidery would add such a chic aesthetic to fashion and our lives. It’s more than the whole bohemian angles and patterned fabric. It’s the stitches flowers and textiles that add a three dimensional, exquisite, polished look.


If this trend feels a little too bold or something you normally don’t think you could pull off, it’s fine. Dip your toes in the water, don’t fall in face first! Start with a shirt or blouse with a beautiful design. Or in retrospect go with a smaller, more minimal print. Motives on jackets and jeans tend to be more luxurious and bold anyways. This way you can start off by styling the rest of your outfit around the motif, rather than design the motif around your outfit, y’know.

Touching on that, because embroidery motifs have such bold designs it is usually better to let your embroidered item be the main focal point of your outfit. Though patterns and complexity is beautiful, it is always good to just focus on one thing in fear of looking like a badly dressed mannequin at a mall window.

However, if you’re still a little reluctant but wish to be on board this train; we have just the perfect solution. Embroidery fashion isn’t just tied down to clothes. It spreads it’s wing and blesses us with beautiful accessories such as shoes and bags with beautiful detailing and design. Shoes with embroidery motifs on it have a soft spot in my heart. Especially if they’re small minimal designs that stand out enough to call attention to detail, but not too much that it looks like a tapestry threw up on your feet.


When you’re more comfortable with the idea of prancing around town with beautiful, intricate, floral-esque designs on your clothes, you are now basically fashion reborned. You could finish a leather jacket, denim jacket, shirt, blouse, basically everything with an embroidery and your outfit just screams chic, haute couture and runway. If you’re not going to take our word for it check the Spring Summer 2017 collections. This motif was showing up all throughout the runways much like e at a college party. Think Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabanna, Elie Saab; just to name a few. Heck since we are dropping names why stop there? Emma Watson, Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lawrence (just to name a few) has been seen strutting around town spotting this trend.


We love the insane contrast that comes along with the new embroidery trends. Take a modern high fashion blouse and adding embroidery on the back for some vintage nostalgia, or throwing one of those on a bomber jacket to soften an edgy look. Yes, buy us 10 of those. Also, not to mention the feel of added volume to the texture of the clothing just makes everything feel more luxurious and put together. We love clothing with lots of texture, layers and dimensions.

The embroidery trend graces us with not just a range of style that has walked down the runway this spring but with different patterns and design. Not into floral? Try lettering, southwest patterns or beautiful tribal, cultural type designs.

But more than that what we personally love the most is how easy a good piece of embroidery goes on just about any fashion style. Like butter on hot toast. Or in this case an embroidery on a shirt. This motif looks just as good whether you’re aiming for to channel your Jenny Humphrey or Blair Waldorf. Seamingly, it just feels like this new thread stitches everything together.


Whatever it is, it is undeniable that this is a fashion trend that can satisfy everyone regardless of their taste in style or fashion. Visit ezbuy and get on the bandwagon! We just added embroidered denim jacket to our shopping cart.

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