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5 Comfy Yet Stylish College Outfit Ideas

With the start of the new semester, waking up every morning and getting ready for college or university life should be somewhat of a routine for most of us my now. While not everyone’s morning routine is the same, we more or less face the same conundrum: Choosing what clothes to wear…

Maybe a good eye for fashion (or a large wardrobe) is just something you’re already blessed with, but I understand the struggle of picking out new outfits constantly everyday.

What I love about fashion is that it is such huge, non-verbal, descriptive representation of who you are. Fashion allows someone to channel their personality and aesthetic through their clothes. Once you’re well aware of the kind of style that really suits and embodies the kind of person you are, fashion allows you to build that self confidence and self acceptance needed. The standard of appearance that we are apart of can make us feel of good place.

So while running out of ideas of what to put on everyday, if we keep on mind the kind of aesthetic we personally wish to strive for while looking around for new options, good results will definitely come through. But for the uninspired, we have 5 outfit ideas here for you!

1. Casual Chic


Casual chic is perfect for girls who would really appreciate that extra 10 minutes of snooze time in the morning. The general essence of this outfit would be a simple t-shirt or an oversized top, paired with either denim jeans, leggings, shorts or miniskirt – choice is yours. Striving for a casual chic look can be very easily obtainable, and also duplicated without really looking repetitive. The key is: ‘Thanks! I really just threw this on’.

Opt for loose, soft fabric so the shirt nicely drapes off your shoulders, but to avoid drowning in too much fabric, think about tucking in your shirt into the waistband of your bottom or tie a knot around your waist to accentuate your figure.


Remember to always accessorize. While the main theme is casual we are also trying to maintain a level of chic-ness. A cap, or a pair of funky socks would really turn a boring oversized-tee-and-jeans-look to something very chic.


2. Sporty Chic


If you’re trying to go for something more sporty, but doesn’t get you showered in questions about whether you’ve just came from the gym, try sporty chic.


The key here is to know how to choose a good hoodie and what to pair and accessorize it with. If you’re leaning towards a pullover, try something that’s thinner so it doesn’t get too warm throughout the day. There are zip-up hoodies, hoodies with asymmetrical collars, or prints. Once you’ve concluded what you’d like you will need a pair of jeans or bottoms to go with it.



Don’t be afraid to wear skirts in this look. Adding a touch of femininity to your outfit is what really pulls everything together. Put on a cute skirt, do your hair, add a lil’ colour to your lip and you are good to go!


3. Urban wear

For my girls who wants to channel that Kanye, Breezy, Drizzy, Weezy feel, this is pretty much very easy to achieve. To obtain this look, most of the focal point is on the outer wear which means everything else can be pretty much casual and easy to get.



Black skinnies, paired with a tee and a bomber jacket over it. Other variations of this look could be high waisted jeans, a crop top and a hoodie over. White sneakers, snapbacks, denim, anything camo, bandanas. You get the idea. The difference between this look and sporty chic is that whilst having most of the same essential items of clothing, the end result varies in the aspect of aesthetics.



Moreover, having an outer wear give you the option to leave the jacket on in a cold lecture theater, or take it off when it gets too hot outside. Of course, I would suggest the jacket stays on at all times because fashion is a commitment and the weather shouldn’t come in between your swagger.


4. Girl Next Door


Comfort and style is the meeting point of a girl next door’s wardrobe. For your fourth outfit idea I’m thinking something like a nice, breezy, slip on dress. To buy into the whole girl-next-door vibe, think of prints that are floral, striped or flannel. Remember to tone it down, and avoid bright and over the top colours.



Dresses are the ultimate epitome of effortless class. They drape of your frame flawlessly, and take less than a minute to put on. This leaves the rest of the outfit to your preference. Cinch in your figure with a belt around the waist or just let the fabric flow loosely around you.


5. Preppy


The last outfit idea is a polished, cute buttoned down top, paired with a pencil skirt or to go for a more modernized feel, skinny jeans. Dressing preppy is to dress as clean-cut and presentable as possible. Think of a well-fitting blouse with minimal prints. The gist of preppy clothes is to get a bold item of clothing and pairing it with staple items in your closet. If it gets too cold, throw a sweater over a collared shirt to tie your preppy look together.


With that, you should be all set for class! If not, find all the above styles and clothing on today!

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