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Ways To Rock Your Birkenstocks !

When it comes to trendy footwear, there are two types of people in this world. Those that adore Birkenstocks and those that can’t seem to understand what the hype is about. Fortunately, I am the former and I’m here to convert you non-believers into hardcore fans! Being a long time advocate for Birkenstocks, I’ve probably heard every possible excuse why some people are just not that into this trendy footwear. But here’s why you should change your mind. Ever been in a situation where deciding which shoes to wear out is harder than naming your kids? Feeling a little casual today but flip-flops just seem far too sloppy and anything else would be too much work?

Let me tell you, Birkens would be your best bid. Never sloppy and easy to put on! Birkenstock prides itself as a brand that holds to tradition and heritage. Till date, in order to incorporate its environmental-friendly trademark, Birkenstock is even creating vegan versions of their sandals! If that’s not enough to convince you, A-listers all over the world are rocking this trendy footwear, from Naomi Watts to the Olson Twin’s obsession with Birkenstocks. And more importantly, there are ample ways to look good in Birkens! Don’t believe me? Here are the ways to rock your Birkenstocks.

Old School Cool


Ladies, I understand the pain of trying to rock boyfriend jeans and a comfy knitted sweater with sneakers. Sometimes, our feet just need the same comfort level as our sweaters and some breathing space. And that’s exactly what Birkenstocks can do for you right here. Pair all that with a small sling pouch, some vintage sunglasses and you’re good to go. This look screams, “I don’t dress to impress, I dress for comfort”, only that it does impress.

Flower Power


The best part about Birkens is the wide range of colours you can choose from. And the colour of this trendy footwear alone changes the kind of message it sends out. With a pair of white Birkenstocks, you girls can maintain your sense of femininity in your outfit. Trade in those gladiator sandals and trade up! You can rock your Birkenstocks with a flowy skirt, crop blouse and a cardigan to get a laid back yet sophisticated look without the hassle of pretty but insensible sandals.

City Casual


For a look that is meant for casual days out, Birkens are your go-to trendy footwear! Toss those toe-pinching flats out the window, and make room for comfort and style. For lazy days but still insisting in looking good in footwear as easy as flip-flops, you can match your fringe denim shorts with a chiffon flare blouse, wool-knit pullover and of course, a pair of Birkenstock classics. This look shouts urban-carefree like nothing else can, ladies.

Mary Poppins


I know what you must be thinking, girls. But what about for more formal looks? You can most definitely rock your Birkenstocks with a more mature and lady-like outfit! Who needs the trouble and ache of laced boots or peep-toe pumps? Incorporate a cream coloured pair of Birkens with a sheer knee-length skirt and long sleeve shirt. Add some vintage accessories and a washed leather purse to the equation and there you go. An outfit fit for meeting your future parents-in-law. Send them the message that you’re sophisticated and posh without even trying.

Vacay Ready


I don’t know about you girls, but deciding which shoes to bring on vacation is the toughest part about packing for me. I don’t want to bring too many pairs of shoes and I don’t want one that isn’t multipurpose. On top of that, I especially don’t want a pair that is uncomfortable to walk in. Fret not my lovelies! Let Birkenstocks be your trendy footwear to the rescue. You can practically rock your Birkens in everything. My I-AM-A-TOURIST outfit must give me the privilege of flexibility, comfort and style all at once. Rock your Birkenstocks with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts, a plain graphic-tee and a sun hat. Perfect for roaming a busy street of strangers and falling in love with new sights.

The Boyfriend Tag


Let’s share the love to our male counterparts, shall we? Why reserve the magic that is Birkenstocks to yourselves when your boyfriends (or guy friends or brothers) can rock Birkens just as well! Enlighten their sense of style with a pair of ripped jeans, deep neck t-shirt and full-colour Birkens. I get the boys, sneakers are tiring to wear sometimes. And the alternative are flip-flops, but why settle for less? Why settle for shabby when Birkenstocks will do the trick? Top it off with a pair of clubmaster shades and your boyfriend is now your best accessory.


These are the few ways you can rock your Birkenstocks! The list is just far too long. From Bermuda shorts, skinny jeans to jumpsuits and oversized hoodies, Birkens has never let me down. As a true and loyal fan of Birkenstocks, I took the liberty of matching my most favourite Birkenstock outfit from pieces found on our ezbuy. I call it, The Girl Next Door.

The Girl Next Door

This look matches a pair of Birken sandals with a solid coloured maxi dress, a tote bag, classic sunnies and a straw-weaved hat. A look that will keep you mysterious but feminine, casual but proper and easy-going but stylish.

I hope you non-believers fall in love with Birkenstocks because I swear to you, there’s no flip-flops that can be as trendy. There is no platform flats that can be as comfy. There is no lace-up sandals that can be as practical. Birkens simply put other trendy footwear to shame. Head to ezbuy and browse more !

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