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How to Wear Grey That Doesn’t Make You Look Old ?

Need more colour in your life? You closet looking like a Wednesday Adam’s rip off? Wanna wear something that doesn’t look like you’re attending a funeral everyday? I got you, girl. I mean, if you’re like me and you find yourself donning on a little too much black, you sometimes want to try a change. Though neons and orange might not necessarily be the colour for you, I have your solution right here: grey. Grey will honestly leave you feeling like you had a major closet revamp; without actually having to leave the house in a magenta crop top. I mean, it’s honestly the underdog of colours.

Now, if you’ve made it to this point and you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t remember the last time I left the house looking like I’m 13 and My Chemical Romance playing on my iPod”, it’s cool. You can give your yellow suede shoes a rest and try this monochromatic look that’s tres chic.

Yes, flaunting an all black ensemble or colour popping your way out Friday night might be easier than trying to make a head-to-toe grey outfit work. Luckily, we have hipsters to thank for making anything grandma appropriate cool and in trend. Gather round kids, I have key to flaunting grey without looking appearing dull and dreary.

Wear Fit Outwear


When it comes to women’s clothing it’s really all about finding the perfect fit. You can’t look drabby if you’re not dressed like a potato sack. Like Marilyn Monroe said, “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady”. I’m not saying you need to prance around in a dress that’s so tight people can tell if you’ve had lunch or not, but know which best part of yourself you should highlight.

For example, if you’re shorter and looking to pair a grey pant suit with a nice shirt – opt for it to crop just at the ankles. Or if your waist is your best feature, keep the waist trim and top cropped so you’re not swimming in fabric from head to floor. A slim fitting- anything and a crop top makes all the difference in the make and break of an outfit.


Look for outfits that’s flattering to your figure. The aim when wearing grey, is to not drown in grey fabric that you resemble a blob of goo. Think oversized hoodie with leggings, shirts with a nice A-line skirt, or a maxi with a crop top. It’s all about finding the right type of clothes to accentuate your best self.

Accessorize Yourself


I cannot stress enough how vital accessorizing is. It can come down to the smallest of details – putting on a jacket to pull the outfit together, throwing on some earrings, switching your day bag to a nice clutch. It makes all the difference. It is the cherry on top of the cake that is women’s clothes.

You can be wearing the most basic outfit. No, I’m not talking about Stan Smiths, ripped high waisted jeans and a crop top; I mean a casual grey t-shirt and a pair of grey washed denim jeans. But you throw on some hooped earrings or a nice necklace and you’re basically ready with half the effort needed.


Something else that’s really good about accessorizing your own outfit is this: you are accessorizing your own outfit. It’s an addition of personal expression to how you want the world to see you, even if it’s a very far fetched reality from who you actually are. Afraid that wearing grey will make you look like you’re wear 80 year old women’s clothes? Throw on some knee high socks or a kitty ear hair band, and people will trying to figure out if you’re legal to drink instead.

Whatever it is, technically speaking it is very difficult to look dull if you’re rocking nice rings, a hat or a glamorous pair of sunnies; regardless of what colour you’re wearing.


If looking old, dull, and dreary is a concern – in any case, just not when it comes to wearing grey, turn south and make sure you have your best foot forward.

A great pair of shoes will instantly change your mood, look, and style for the better. Whether it’s the pair of kicks you constantly turn too or the strappy heel that you splurged on out of sheer embellishment.

Pick out a nice pair of ballet flats to give your whole outfit a polished look. Or slip on a pretty pair of sandals. They’re my favourite because they transcend casual so perfectly. Pair it with a maxi or a midi skirt and a shirt and keep everyone guessing. Are you going to the beach? Do you have an office party later? Hitting up the mall? Who knows.


If you really want to kick things up a notch and walk the world like it’s your own personal runway then try knee high boots or a the classic black stilettos (that has never failed a woman, ever).


Honestly, the secret to not wearing grey that makes you look old is pretty much the standard that comes with making any outfit look good. When it comes to women’s clothes it’s about putting your own personal touch to it so that you leave the house confident, and feeling yourself. You can research and read a hundred fashion blogs about it.


In the end if you’re not going to feel good wearing a trench coat, you’re not going to look good in a trench coat. Check out ezbuy if you’re into trench coats.



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