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If you are reading this article, you have probably searched in YouTube, Google and even ask Siri for beauty hacks or easy methods to look young to solve your midlife crisis. The results in these search engines would have came up with consumption of healthy food, exercising and some even opt for cosmetic surgeries. However, not many of us realize that choosing the right outfit can make a difference too! With a little effort, you can trick your peers by looking younger than usual. Forget those troublesome facelifts, botox or skin firming procedures. In fact, go cancel those appointments right now! All you need to have is a couple of suitable clothes and you are ready to go! Ladies and gentlemen (equality for all!), here are 6 ageless outfits ideas to be worn anytime and anywhere.

Firstly, let’s appreciate the existence of ankle boots!

Believe it or not, the first thing that people notice about you is the type of footwear. Ankle boots compliments any outfit perfectly and can be worn at any ages. So if you feel old (hey, reality sucks after all) for stilettos, opt for ankle boots! It is worth settling for comfort. This applies to the gentlemen too. With the exception of sports, these boots fits for any occasion you have to attend be it casual or formal meetings, social events, as well as annual date nights.

Next, move aside boxy khakis.

What makes us look old is that dull, cliché pleated khakis with numerous pockets which may scream midlife crisis. Why settle for that extra fabric when you could use sleek, flat front pants? These sleek pants will not only make you look lean regardless of your height. Since flat front pants have less pockets than khakis, you will look neater and more presentable compared to khakis. Slip on those ankle boots for a perfect combo.

Feeling lazy? Go oversize yourself

An oversized sweater with skinny jeans makes your look effortless and can never go wrong, just like how you would want to buy your groceries without any hassle. It is easy to slip on, no fussy zips to be concerned about. Not in the mood of black? No problem, bright colored sweaters does the trick in making you look younger. While it is true that black is very versatile, but you’re not making any progress with your self esteem if you are wearing black sweaters ALL THE TIME! Be bold in choosing some colors to bring out your personality. For the ladies with light skin tones, try red violet and you wouldn’t regret it while turquoise is suitable for any skin tone.  As for the gents, guys with pinstripes sweaters or printed ones is good enough to impress.

Not oversized shirts though, they are a hazard.

Back in the days, every man had experienced wearing a full size shirt that was very big and blousy, making it difficult to be completely tucked in. So if a 19 year old teenager wore it, he may look 39. That concept changed a few years ago when slim fit became largely available in the retail market. So to all gentlemen, you may now avoid hunting for oversized shirts. When hunting for shirts, search for slim fit shirts to avoid boxy silhouettes and oversized armpit space. Bear in mind, slim fit doesn’t mean the shirt is meant to be ill fittingly tight, it is designed to use less fabric for the shirt for a trimmer look. Moreover, these slim fit shirts flatten your body frame, so you will worry less about your appearance and feel more confident in the crowd. Then slip on a flat front pants and you will feel young at heart again.

Tight is overrated.

Ladies, ever wondered how to dress up without looking desperate to be sexy? Tired of those tight cocktail dresses with the plunging neckline and having to wear stilettos? Oh those ‘beauty is pain’ moments you had in the past is not a phase you would want to go through anymore! Wear a printing dot dress as a great alternative.  Don’t be mistaken that polka dots are old fashioned, they are actually a timeless pattern. A printing dot dress with a single colored clutch is just right. Cocktail dresses with the plunging necklines aren’t the only solution to show off some curves. Put on a waist belt and that will do the trick. You will blend in easily with the young crowd in that dance floor!

The Wild West

This combination of leather and denim never grows old, what more in 2017 where fashion is limitless. It is advisable to invest in a good quality leather jacket or vest that not only will last you a lifetime, but it is a great convenience as you can wear it in any occasion. Moreover, leather jackets does not absorb body odor the way other fabric does. With the rising number of leather cleaning services to maintain the lush of leathers, there is no excuse in not having one. Just put on a leather jacket or a vest with a pair of jeans or denim shorts, you will be good to go anywhere.

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