Plan Your Valentine’s Day!

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Flowers set, chocolate ready to go?

The month of love has started and it’s time to plan your romantic Valentine’s day with the love of your life. Is it the best time for a beautiful romantic proposal or just the casualties? Make Valentine’s Day absolutely unforgettable with the best memories you can share with your beau. No matter what you and your beau decide to do, you’ll both have the best time—because you’re spending the day with each other.

But if you’ve been together for a while, you might need some help coming up with a memorable date. This Thursday, the explosion is all about appreciating the love. Try not to make things complicated and ridiculous. It is about appreciating Valentines, not brain surgery. There has to be something sweet or romantic that’ll work, now lets start scrolling!


Special Alerts For The Dudes : Plan Your Valentine’s Day!


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This is a chance for you to appreciate her by making her some simple surprise that can tweak her heart with joy. Girls really like surprises even though they said differently. It is just in our genes, so please understand. It’s pretty quite simple. All you have to do is to track back whatever she said and likes, the things she really looking forward to doing but have yet to do it due to time management. While waiting for you to figure out things, we have prepared you some for you to plan your Valentines day.

1. Recreate your first date.     

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What had happened on your first date that makes it so remembered? Take things way back to where you first started falling for each other with a second take on your first date. Women love when their man remembers all the little details about them. This can make them smile for the whole month without you being worried about anything.



2. Send your partner on a treasure hunt.


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If you have a good budget and a lot of time to prepare, send your significant other on a scavenger hunt. If you manage to recall what your beau wants, then this is the perfect surprise adventure for her. Try to plan and put all the clues and surprise on one map. It would be really exciting, especially if you can manage to make her friends help to place those clues.

3. Go to a restaurant on your bucket list.


The best meal to have is when you are having it with your loved ones. Being a couple, it’s always required to do so many things together. That is one of the ways to keep beautiful moments together. And if you really enjoy the meal, then it has zero calories! Valentine’s celebration is not only about having a romantic dinner at a sky-high 5 stars hotel restaurant. Find out where you both want to try for dinner or supper. But make sure the reviews are good or else you will end up with Valentine’s disaster!


4. Travel out of town.


Since Valentine’s Day falls on Thursday, how about making a surprise during the weekend. I don’t think your beau would mind to delay it a few days. Let’s plan an escape during the weekend for a short vacay or even a “staycay”. Romantic getaways will make an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience. A short trip to our country won’t be a bad thing. It depends on what couple category are you. If you are a foodie couple, there’s a lot of adventure in Penang, Ipoh, Melaka & even Sarawak. If you need to challenge each other for exciting activities, there’s always Perak to enjoy many activities within the lush forest environment with the tree top walk, water rafting or you can even trek up the mountains.

5. Watch the sunset.


Sometimes people wonder what so romantic about a sunset or a sunrise. For those who have yet to experience the sunset and the sunrise, this is the time for you and your beau to try. It is hard to explain it in words, but once you see it, you will totally understand why the sunset and sunrise give you such a powerful feeling. How it shines, how it just collapse and change with the night. It is totally breathtaking. You will somehow feel very grateful with life and you will cherish every moment with your beau.

There you go guys, 5 simple preparation you can do for you beau this time. Have you remembered what she said yet? Good luck and Happy Valentines Day!

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