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8 Brilliant Ways To Create A Scandinavian Home

Scandinavian interiors have taken the interior design scene by a storm, settling itself into every homeowner’s wish list and setting the trend as one of the most sought-after styles. It combines the spectrums of cosy and contemporary into an urban yet rustic mix of sheer minimalism at its core. Scandinavian design, also referred to as Nordic design, adopts elements of simplicity and functionality through its clean lines, subdued colour palettes and quiet sophistication.


So who said that Scandinavian designs are only for the west? We’re here to teach you how to incorporate this stylish craftsmanship into your own Malaysian home!


Paint The Walls Gray Or White

If you thought gray and white were boring, we dare you to think again. The bulk of Scandinavian/Nordic design revolves around monochromatic aesthetics, so gray and white actually add a neutral, complimentary tone to the space. They elevate the rest of the furniture and decorations in the room.


Fresh Flowers Are An Essence

Flowers add a gentle splash of colour to the room. Fresh, pretty pastels are a good choice if you want them to stand out without making a jarring statement against your clean, minimalist interior.


Decorate In Soft, Airy Textures & Colours

Choose your textures and colours wisely. In the photo above, browns and eggshell white blend with the grays and creams in the living room. The plants incorporate a nice pop of green against the neutral shades, and the long wispy curtains coupled with the ultra soft rug create a soothing effect throughout the space.


Master The Art Of Minimalism

When it comes to minimalism, white is always the way to go. It speaks volumes of clean, crisp strokes. Having a minimalist workspace is a good way to start. It’s really important to take big steps to declutter your space before adding anything else to the mix. Remember – going minimalist is about understanding that less is more, and not the other way around.


Invite Natural Light Into Your Home

Every interior stylist agrees that there’s no better lighting than natural lighting. Install large windows to invite fresh, unfiltered sunlight into your home and avoid closing up your space with thick, black-out curtains because those are only good for blocking the light out when you’re trying to get your beauty sleep.


Have A Pop Of Colour

Nobody said that Scandinavian designs have to be dull and colourless. You are welcome to include a bright pop of colour through throw pillows, lights, or even a rug to infuse a bit more character to the room. It’s your house – so make it uniquely you.


Hang A Big, Bold Artwork

When it comes to the art, opt for big, eye-catching pieces that serve as the focal point of the room. If you don’t want photos or paintings, cool typography in the form of inspirational quotes work well too.


Include A Plant Or Two

Similar to flowers, the mere presence of green plants adds a lot of positive character to the space and enhances the personality of the room. Plants also act as natural air conditioners and supply fresh oxygen throughout your home while eliminating dust and toxins from the air. So yes, they’re a worthy investment!


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