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Easter Home Decoration Ideas

Hello! Easter is coming round the corner and you’re coming to an interior designer block because you’re running out of ways to make your home look like the Easter Bunny dropped by and threw up all over the place. You’re sick of just hiding poorly made Easter eggs around the house or under your home furniture for your guests to find and want to opt for something a bit more chic. You want your living room to be the backdrop to all your friend’s Easter related Instagram posts and snaps but you don’t really know what else to do; other than buy egged shaped chocolate and toss them in a bowl.

Cover It Up – Table Cloth


Putting a table cloth over your home furniture whether it be your coffee table, dining table or any table just adds an extra touch. It really lets your guest knows that you went that extra mile to fully establish the aesthetics of your home. Also, if you’re worried that you’re home furniture looks a bit more urban than spring you can always cover it up with a table cloth. Since it’s Easter you can opt for something floral, or go with a bold colour and add lace on top for extra dimension, or something with bunnies and chicks on.


Candles are up there (if not above) with the chocolates and the baby chickens when it comes to Easter. I don’t care if it’s tea lights, pillar, container or votive – put many of these all over your house. Not only do you save on electricity but you’ll add a beautiful lighting all over your living room that you can never really achieve with a fluorescent light. Scented ones will also leave your home smelling A1 (just be careful not to catch curtains on fire).

Flower Child

Easter comes around the same time we say hello to spring, so it only makes sense to adorn our household with Mother Nature’s finest. If you really want to go all the nine miles, make sure that every home furniture you own is sprouting anything floral. Fresh flowers work best, but if your fingertips aren’t all green you can always go for succulents or artificial flowers too. Think about putting small succulents in the little compartment of egg trays for a cute touch.

Pillow Talk


If one of your concern is that your home furniture feels a bit more Axi Rose and a little less Judy Hopps – it’s okay. Though you might not be able to put a tablecloth over your couch, you can always throw on floral or Easter related pillows! Not only will your guests be comfortable they get to sink in deeper into the celebration that is Easter.


Just like how eyes are the windows to your soul, wreaths are the windows to your front door. Put one of those magnificent SOB’s on your front door and guests will know that you have definitely turn up your Easter home decor game this year. If you don’t like anything you find online or at the store, you can always purchase a plain one and deck it out yourself with small bunny figurines or beautiful flowers.

Pom Poms


What is Easter without bunny related decors? Buy yourself a few pom poms and get creative with it! Stick it on the bottom of vases or back of chairs to remind your guests of a bunny’s behind. Buy big pom poms, throw bunny ears on ‘em and hang them from your ceilings. Draw on eyes on paper cups and stick pom poms on the back. Get creative!

Mason Jar

Because it’s 2017, everyone knows that the first step to being aesthetic is to own mason jars. Buy yourself a few to put in your chocolate covered eggs as opposed to leave your chocolate on paper plates for your guests. Not only will you come off as more put together and having an eye for intricate details, the less use of paper will also let your guests know that you have Mother Nature’s back and you are probably trying to reduce your carbon footprint.



Since it’s Easter and the goal is to make your household feel like the Easter Bunny’s favourite place to get drunk on Fridays, every little detail goes a long way. A cute idea to really sell it is to decide how you wish to showcase your flowers. Tie ribbons around the brim of vases to add to the adorable spring time look. If you’re not looking to get a vase with the words “Happy Easter!” on it, get something pastel to get with the colour scheme. Another idea is to get a glass, see through vase and fill it with easter eggs to hold your flowers in place.

Easter Eggs

Yes, I save the most cliched and no-brainer for last. It’s not really Easter without easter eggs. How you can really stand out here though is to go hard and all out with your easter egg decorations. Bring out the glitter, puffy paint, get in elbow deep and bejewel those eggs. You can decorate your eggs according to the colour scheme of your whole set-up or you can decorate them the complete opposite so they stand out. Once you have your easter eggs decorated remember to display them in such a way that they’re not just simply scattered all over. Think about buying little baskets and fill it with colourful tissue paper or flowers.

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