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Exciting Ways to Use the Blankets!

Blankets are booooorrriiinnngggg!! You just use them to keep you warm and that’s it… or so you think! There are many fun ways you can use a blanket for and if you put on your creative thinking cap, you’d probably find even much more ways to use them. I’ve listed a few ways that I personally liked below; perhaps you could add more to it yourself!


Go for a picnic under the stars

Picnics are fun activities that you can spend time doing not just with your family but with your friends as well. Take it up a notch and do it at night! Not only is it much more fun and romantic, you can also do a little stargaze while being wrapped up in a cozy flannel blankey! In fact, if you’re looking for a place to do so, you might wanna check the night view from Dataran Merdeka.



 Build a Fort

Blankets make UH-MAY-ZIIIINNNGGG forts and it’s extremely simple! All you need is a few chairs, fluffy pillows, some blankets and a whole lot of imagination. Create fun and exciting memories with your little ones as you stay in together over a nice cartoon and story time. Ain’t got a child yet? It still works for grown up men and women too!




Make a Burrito!

Did you know that making a blanket burrito out of yourself is a great way to deal with sadness? The wrapping of oneself in a cozy blanket helps calm our minds down and gives off a feeling of security. Psychologically, this has a lot in relation to us being wrapped and cozy within our mother’s womb and even as adults, our subconscious mind is able to activate that memory which releases the oxytocin hormones known as the happy hormone.




 Keep warm in the cinemas

One of the biggest “potong-steam” moments when you are watching a great show in the cinema is when it suddenly gets too cold for you to even pay attention. Some of the other patronage will even shush you for having your teeth clattering uncontrollably. In times like these, pull out your cozy little blanket to keep yourself warm! A flannel blanket is small enough to be fitted in your bag and definitely fluffy enough to keep you warm so that you can give a 100% while watching the latest box office movie!




Reveal your inner “Belle”

Ever felt like you could relate to Belle from the Beauty and the Beast? When all you rather do is to stay home and bury your nose in a book that will take you over the world. Living out adventures and fantasies inside your mind? Gimme a high-five if that’s you because I’m a bookworm too and the best way to enjoy a good book is to sit by the window with a blanket over my lap and a nice warm cuppa Joe at hand. Mhmmm, bliss!


Hope you found these tips useful, know of any other ways to utilise your blankets? Share with us in the comments below!

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