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Hack Your Way to A Cleaner & More Organised Fridge

Some said that if you truly want to judge someone’s hygiene, you should try using their toilet. The same rule can be applied to a person’s obsession towards tidiness. If you want to see how much of a neat freak a person is, you should probably check out their fridge. Although I must admit, it is kind of rude to open someone’s fridge out of a sudden (unless you guys are super close so it not a big deal). Well although you are not trying to impress anyone with the contents of our fridge nor do you want to be a neat freak (although there is no harm in being one), there is an indescribable pleasure of opening a fridge and seeing it all fresh and clean.

In fact, a clean and organised is good for your gastronomical health. You stomach will be grateful for that I am sure. Enough with the riff raff! Let us get to the point, shall we? Here are some tips and tricks for an exceptionally clean and neat fridge!


1) Store food at the right level according to temperature

  • Doors (Warmest)

Condiments, juices, water

Why: This is warmest part of the fridge so beverages and condiments should do just fine at such temperature.

  • Freezer (Coldest)

Frozen food, meat, ice, ice cream, fruit and vegetables

Why: Frozen food is obviously needed to be put in the freezer, everyone knows that. You can also store food that you want to store for a longer time such as meat, vegetables and fruits.

  • Upper Shelves (Less Cold)

Leftovers, ready to eat food, drinks

Why: Put your leftovers where you can see them easily. The upper shelf is good to store ready to eat food and leftover as it is the level where the temperature is most consistent.

  • Lower Shelves (Cold)

Eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, dairy products and uncooked meat

Why: It is the coldest section, these products need to be stored in cold place to make it last longer. The meat also needs to be stored in bottom shelf to avoid their juices from dripping. If you put them on upper shelf, the juices will drip down to the lower part of the fridge. We surely don’t want such thing to happen, do we?

Fruit and vegetables

Why: Crisper is always meant for vegetables and fruits. Crisper provide the right temperature with a bit of humidity to keep your veggies and fruits fresh.

2) Know what NOT to store in the fridge

Tomatoes, potatoes, onion, citrus fruits last longer in room temperature so they are better off without a refrigerator. So, store them in your pantry instead.

3) Place a liner for easy cleanup

Place liners or fridge mats on your fridge shelves. They are washable. So if there is any spill or leak, you can always take them off and wash them. Liners also function as extra protective layers for your vegetables and fruits. They keep them crisp and prevent them from bruising.


4) Store items in storage boxes or plastic cases

Buy a lot of plastic cases or storage jars and use them to store your food, pronto! This is especially useful for leftovers. If you leave your leftover in open cases, the smell will spread all over the fridge! Plus they might contaminate other food in the fridge. If you are the kind who cuts your veggies and prep ingredients beforehand, you can store them in these cases too for easy access.


5) Store items in zipper bag

If it isn’t the multi-purpose plastic zipper bag! This is the ‘it’ thing for all Mr and Ms Organised out there. You can use them to pack anything and that includes your fruits and veggies.


6) Label the items

Well, we have the plastic case, zipper bag and baskets to keep all the items in your refrigerator neat and organised. But let’s add labels to all of them using a masking tape and a marker. You can label them according to type or for opened food, the date when you open them so you will be able to tell when they are about to expired.


7) Clean your fridge every two weeks and you’ll never be sorry

Do not wait until bad odor welcomes you as you open the fridge before you start thinking of cleaning it. Believe me, by that time, all sort of grease and sticky grimes have already dominating your fridge. Cleaning your fridge at a regular interval, preferably once every two weeks is the best way to go. It saves you from the hassle you have to go through when deep cleaning.

8) Make an inventory list

If you want to take a step further, you can make an inventory list of everything stored in your fridge. You can write down the quantity, date you open/buy them, expiry date and more. You can write the inventory on a magnetic board and put it on the fridge door. It is a great help when you are preparing your meal. The next time you hit for grocery, you already know what needs to be stocked.


9) Use activated carbon or baking soda to rid of odor

Activated carbon or baking soda is a great solution to fridge odor. Just add a box of baking soda or a few tablets of activated carbon to absorb odor and keep your fridge smelling fresh.


Well, keeping your fridge clean and organized not only makes you feel better but also enable you to preserve the quality of your food and make it last longer.

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