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Tidy Up The Work Desk!

Whether you have a regular 9am-5pm job, an office with a view of the city skyline or a home office, you have got to keep that office neat and clean so that work productivity does not suffer and so that things get done. So here are some tips to do just that!


There must be light!

There is absolutely no point in trying to clean up and tidy the workspace if you cannot see the space you are trying to clean up! This desk lamp has a wide solid base to make sure that it stays upright no matter how you twist and turn the “neck” portion to get the LED to light up what you want. The use of an LED means no bulb replacements and a light source that will not cast eye tiring reflections.


Elevate the screen and gain storage space

If you can see what you need to clean, the first thing that needs to be repositioned is your monitor! Raise you monitor up high and you suddenly sit up straight at your desk, helping to reduce the aches and pains associated with being hunched over the computer!

It comes with a built in shelving and rack space to put books, papers and other documents away without taking up even more of already limited and precious desk space.


Charge ALL devices

These days everyone is carrying at least one electronic device. Most of us carry two, if not more and no computer has enough USB ports to charge all those devices at once. Enter this stylish USB Hub that will allow you to connect up to four devices for charging simultaneous!

The ports can also be used to access USD memory sticks and hard drives, meaning you no longer have to scramble at the front or worse at the back of the computer to plug and unplug charge cables or external storage devices.

This hub also provides individual power control for each USN outlet, allowing you to switch off individual ports to save electricity – an important feature if you are forced to charge from a laptop battery!


Tame the cords and wires before they strangle you!

Cables, wires, power cords, adapters, and extension cords exist in every office. Every office has them and given enough time they run wild and become a trip hazard. Get a hold of these cable managers and tame the mess once and for all. Make sure your feet never get tangled up in them beneath your table, and restore the leg room and foot rest space you are entitled to! It is your workspace after all!


Make use of under table space!

The modern office has a desktop that replaces stacks of paper files and folders. But you still need some drawer space for the stationery that will clutter up your work table in no time.

If you’ve tamed the cables, and have a desktop hard drive underneath your work table, you probably have some space between the top of the hard drive and the underside of the table.

Enter this small compact easy to install drawer that will give you space for those notebooks and stacks of unused post it notes! It can also keep the iPad safe and out of the way. If you’re like me, you can hide an emergency chocolate bar or two in there too!


Get a Stationery organiser!

Pens, pencils, scissors, binder clips and staplers are those stationery tools that are needed to keep you productive at your work table. Part of that is ensuring the stationery is easy to find because it is always in the exact same place! Simply and stylish, this stationery station has large compartments and small drawers, perfect for all those stationery accouterments that tend to get scattered all over the place during the course of the day.


Improve productivity with a neat and tidy workspace. Have a few tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!

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