Top Kitchen Gadget Must Haves for The Newbie Cook

When it comes to kitchens and newbie cooks, there are a LOT of possible kitchen accessories that can make you a faster more productive, or rather more efficient cook.  I don’t call myself a chef because I’m just not that good! But I can cook well enough that I could impress a date with a simple home cooked meal because I’ve got a slew of kitchen accessories or rather kitchen gadgets that help me be a better, more efficient cook.

The Taidea Diamond Knife Sharpener


The best chefs and home cooks, live and cook by their knives. There are dozens of different types in different sizes for the preparation of all ingredients. The indispensable fact is that all of your knives have to razor sharp, because there is nothing more dangerous in a kitchen than a blunt So the first kitchen accessory is the Taidea Knife Sharpener. This lets me keep all of my knives (three chef knives of differing sizes for different things, and one clever) razor sharp with minimal effort. I don’t have to mess around with a sharpening stone or steel, angle my knife correctly or go through those fancy techniques. All I have to do is literally see-saw the knife through the sharpener whenever they get dull for a minute and my knife is back to professional kitchen grade sharpness. This is easily the most important out of all the kitchen accessories I own.

Egg Moulds for Fried Eggs


I can almost hear the wheels in your head turning, as you look at this and wonder how or why this could be one of those indispensable kitchen accessories – at least in my kitchen. Here is why: – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and nothing makes people sit up and take notice like having a breakfast that looks more “Up-market.” These handy kitchen accessories do that! I bought the pack of five and found that I’ve got shapes for the special occasions (like Valentine’s Day breakfast-in-bed) or the star shape for the children or the perfect circle for that professional looking fried egg when I need that extra special something to make an impression. Believe me, this is one of the kitchen accessories that eave a positive impression with breakfast!

The Garlic Press


The Garlic Press is one of those kitchen accessories that can save you an incredible amount of time. Peel the garlic and instead of trying to slice it fine and the dice it, just drop in the garlic press, flip it shut and press down firmly once. Job Done! Perfectly minced garlic that can be used for just about everything for stir-fry to sauces and even garlic bread! Made from stainless steel, it won’t affect the flavour of your garlic and also it won’t rust making it easy to use and also clean between uses with minimal effort. Definitely one of the kitchen accessories that makes me a more efficient cook!

The Artifact Watermelon Slicer


Where I live in Malaysia, and like every Malaysian knows, there are three seasons in this country: – Hot, HOTTER, Hot and Rainy! There is nothing like a freshly sliced, chilled watermelon to just help you cool down in the shade. The problem unfortunately, is the watermelon is not the easiest fruit to cut. Enter the Artifact Watermelon Slicer!

This is one of those kitchen accessories that I used once at my mother’s place and then went out to buy my own! This awesome accessory will cut and remove all the fruit without making a sugary, dripping mess out of your kitchen counter-top! Nothing is more pleasant for me or visitors to my place than fresh sliced, ice cool watermelon slices or pieces. Now if only I had a fridge that was big enough to store two watermelons….

Vegetable Slicer


Vegetables. Love them. Really. But what I hate is slicing, dicing and generally preparing them for cooking. Especially in a stir-fry or wraps of any kind because everything has to be sliced paper thin. Enter this very cool vegetable slicer! Carrots sliced thin for salad? Cucumber slices for sandwiches?  Scallop cut potatoes for baking? This is one of those kitchen accessories that will do all of that! It will even do fancy crinkle cut potato chips you normally see at restaurants! All you have to do is change the blade and of course provide the right vegetable and you can have vegetables sliced and diced for almost any dish prepared in no time at all!

Those are my personal top five kitchen accessories that make me a more efficient cook in my own kitchen. Hopefully you’ll find these few kitchen accessories at ezbuy as useful as I do! Thanks to them, I’m not quite the newbie cook I used to be!






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