3 Hobbies Every Girl in Her 20-Somethings Should Consider Picking Up

Being a girl in your 20-somethings in 2017 isn’t easy. This is the time in your life where you are growing into your own person, newly-adult, trying to navigate this ever changing societal landscape. In times where we are still adjusting to the new world of independence, it is important that we take whatever alone time we have and cultivate that energy into a life you actually enjoy living.

Having a hobby gives you a chance to break from the monotony of your routine; and something else to talk about at family gatherings other than how great your classes or work is going. Not to mention that actually having a hobby in our times that isn’t scrolling through your social media, just makes you a far more superior and interesting human being.

Here are a few hobbies every girl in their 20-somethings should consider picking up.

Home Barista

If you’re a woman in your 20-somethings, I have no doubt that caffeine is a very major part of your diet as you have to juggle work, assignments, tests, deadlines, presentations, family time, your social life, friends, your boyfriend, working out, looking good, self care and alone time (in no particular order).

While hauling yourself over to Starbucks everyday might sound like a quick fix, I’m pretty sure that it will take a toll on your bank account in the long run. Hear me out. Why put on pants to go to Starbucks when you can be a home barista and learn a new skill!

Though I’ve heard that trying to replicate the commercial environment at home is near to almost impossible but there are a few ways (thanks to the World Wide Web) you can get – if not close, a fun past time out of it.

Thankfully we live in a time where everything is literally at the touch of our fingertips. Everything you need to know about can be read online, everything you need to get from artisan coffee bean grinder, coffee beans and a good espresso machine can be purchased and delivered with a single click.

Plus for the full experience, go ahead and purchase some beautiful coffee mugs. What are you aiming for? Vintage, hipster, tech? Here is where being a home barista allows you to fully personalize the entire experience with your style and taste.

Being a home barista is a hobby won’t just leave your house with that wonderful coffee aroma, energized for the rest of the day, but it will almost definitely leave you with a few good latte art Insta posts – seeing that you can get the hang of it.


Forget crossfit, yoga is where we should be ladies. It’s such a glamorous way to past time and the only way we should sweat. Think Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Russell Brand! Before I start about the kind of lavish lifestyle that comes along with the lotus position, can we take a minute to appreciate how yoga is such a strong stimulant for personal growth.

I mean yoga is more than the sleek yoga pants and cute yoga tank tops! It helps with the acceptance of ourselves and others. It enhances the need of self-maintenance. It helps with the battle of self-appreciation. Girls, I get that self-acceptance is still an obstacle many of us are fighting with. But before we come to terms with accepting ourselves, comes self love. What can be better for your mind and body than listening to them and attempting to show them kindness and patience?

Trust me, yoga will help you appreciate your body beyond its aesthetics. You are going to wake up feeling flawless, not because Queen Bey said so but because of how good you are taking care of yourself.

This entails the kind of lifestyle where you run around the city with a yoga mat slung around your shoulders, chugging down a shot of wheatgrass, feeling 100% guilt free about the martinis and 4 am pizzas you will have with your girlfriends this weekend. I mean, yoga after all is all about balance.


Not to sound like a Hallmark gift card but music is the most universal language. It is a great way to turn strangers into friends, friends into closer friends and form bonds and connections with people you wouldn’t normally think of. You’d be surprised how fast you can forge a connection with a simple “You play the guitar too?” or a “I didn’t think anyone knew about this band!”.

Picking up and learning an instrument might sound like a lot of work but this just lays the foundation of a lot of discipline and practice. Two things that striving successful alpha females should be or will be familiar with. And plus, it not only helps improve your reasoning and motor skills, but produces good vibes and productivity. Perfect for your 21st century girl trying to multitask a thousand different things a day.

Learning a new skill helps increases and fosters creativity. Channel your inner Josie and The Pussycats or Adele and enjoy the fruit of your hard work and the next open mic if your town if you dare! Just remember to invite your friends because it is always good to have a strong support system.

If you can’t play or make music, you can listen to music. Yes, listening to music can be considered a hobby granted that it’s not just playing to serve as background music. If this appeals to you then you know that a good set of surround sound speakers and a good playlist is the foundation for a good Sunday night.

Expand your knowledge in the different types of genres, learn about new artists, discover good albums! Also if you can make a dope playlist solely based off feelings, occasions or events, it is a great way to assert cultural superiority.

So girlies, whatever it is you find yourself doing remember that it is always important to find yourself doing something in your free time that you are passionate about. Visit ezbuy to help you chase your passion.


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