5 Items Serial Killers Use That Don’t Work In Real Life

I’m sure everyone reading this article would have probably watched their fair share of superhero/law enforcement type TV shows like The Flash, Arrow, NCIS, CSI, The Blacklist just to name a few off the top of my head. As good as these TV series are, sometimes their methods of evil don’t necessarily synchronize with logic because sometimes I think these master evils just go online shopping for their battle gear. So I’m here today to maybe encourage more realistic weaponry for evil masterminds (on TV shows of course).

  1. Duct Tape

We’ve all seen it. Someone gets kidnapped, then tied to a chair, and their mouth is covered with duct tape in some exceedingly incriminating hostage situation. Oh no, however will they ever cry for help in that state? Wrong. I encourage all my readers to try this on yourselves; slap a piece of duct tape (and if you don’t have any I’m sure the big bad online shopping market will accommodate you) on your lips and just by moving your mouth and jaw in weird angles you’ll be able to get out if it in a piece of cake. Do all supervillains have a handbook of exactly how they carry out their evil plans? Because there seems to be a very repetitive pattern here. If I were in their shoes and I really didn’t want my hostage to talk at all –I’d take out some elephant glue, a stapler or even a nail gun. But if circumstances were different and I was considering giving them back an opportunity to speak; I’d probably just stuff a large loaf of bread in their mouths. My evil tactics need a little tarnishing, but I’m sure I’m onto something.

  1. The Outfits


Although I’m aware that sometimes evil villains don’t necessarily imply logic in all their life choices, the one thing I truly don’t understand is their outfit selections. As legendary as they may be –it is completely unpractical! For example, The Joker wore his staple bright purple suit, and a face full of what seems like a cross between face paint and make up. How hot and uncomfortable must he have been under all those layers whilst putting people in danger? Did he think about his make up wearing off if he were to sweat? Did he have extra suits stashed somewhere? Another prime example I’d like to add is Maleficent; I’m sure you have seen her outfit. She’s constantly clad in a long velvety black gown, that not only has a train but also dramatic flared out sleeves. If that doesn’t seem suffocating enough, add a choker to that list. While I sympathize with the broken fairy, I feel even worse imagining her day to day life in that get up.

  1. The Big Red Button

Anyone who grew up watching popular 90’s cartoons will vouch for me on this; the big red button was a completely horrible investment. The infamous button that will enable any form or torture or death trap onto the poor innocent victims that are normally screaming for their lives. But the giant flaw with this is that before the pressing of the button there’s always the big speech (which gives everyone time to deflect their plan), and of course the other big red switch to deactivate the entire evil. I say you might as well do it manually if you’re going to put the time and energy into creating a machine that has a big red button that could potentially be sabotaged.

  1. Chloroform


I think one of the most dramatically misinterpreted drugs from television would be chloroform. You’ve seen it, the evil bad guy takes a rag apparently laced with chloroform, presses it onto the victims face and within seconds they’re completely blacked out. The truth is, if the end goal was to make your victim pass out you’d have to hold them down for at least 5-10 minutes depending on how much of the liquid you’ve applied on the rag. Too much of the drug could possibly kill the victim by going into cardiac arrest, and a small amount in the air might just make the victim dizzy.

  1. Laughing Gas

As shown in popular films like The Pink Panther, and Charlie Chaplin films laughing gas is often spread in the air slowly causing everyone who inhales it to burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. However, the gas doesn’t actually produce laughter within your body. In fact, it actually causes anxiety but will most likely turn into laughter once intoxicated by it. People often compare it to marijuana as sometimes you find yourself laughing for no reason under the influence, which is why it’s also used largely in the UK recreationally as a drug called “hippy crack”. So no, if you’re planning on killing a bunch of people by making them laugh to death I’d suggest otherwise.


There are many aspects of mainstream media that can be thoroughly misinterpreted, however maybe not all of it should be taken so literally since the main goal of media is to entertain us sad lot at home. Evil villains definitely do have a flair for a dramatic, but it’d be nice to see some of them break out of the very clichéd handbook of items they all seem to use. If you are interested about all the products, visit ezbuy to seek for your favourite items now!

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