7 Things You Need To Have To Be A Grown-Ass Man

I’ve looked under rocks and traveled the seven seas in the search for grown-ass men. And take it from me, they are a rare breed. Fortunately, my fraternity invites you to pledge your allegiance in your attempt to be a full-fledged, testosterone-filled grown-ass man. Calling all pledgers! Let us take the world by storm and show them the epic comeback of the gentlemen’s club. From men fashion to handshakes and body language, here is a checklist of the seven things you need to have to be a grown-ass man.

✔ 1. Good hygiene

There is nothing that says grown-ass man better than having excellent hygiene. Let me draw you a scenario to prove my case in point. I’m sure each and every one of you have at least once shared an elevator ride with someone that had body odour bad enough to wake the dead (yes, the irony). The bad body odour from poor hygiene diminishes any man’s chance of making a good impression on others. What grown-ass man dare set foot out of his house without at least taking a good and thorough shower for that reason alone? On top of that, good hygiene also means abiding by essential grooming rules for men, dear pledgers. Now, let’s take that shower and groom yourselves!

✔ 2. Firm handshake


I believe that there is a positive correlation between the firmness of handshake and being a grown-ass man. The hypothesis I propose is: the firmer a handshake, the more grown-ass a man. I don’t know about you, but I have been a victim of handshakes that felt more like yogurt-in-a-cup. A handshake can possibly determine whether you make it or break it. But don’t take it from me, my friends over at Forbes vouch that handshake matters. So, I’m begging you please! Wear a handshake fit for someone thanking the receptionist while cashing in a million-dollar lottery ticket and avoid the most ungodly of handshakes − the dead fish.

✔ 3. Good body language

The building block of a man, especially a grown-ass man, is his body language. My pledgers, your body constantly speaks for itself involuntarily. Much like a poker face, having good control over your body language accounts for how grown-ass of a man you are. Body language is the art of saying what you don’t say with your mouth. Instinctively, the people around you interpret what your body is practically shouting at them. For example, if you’re nervous, chances are you’d be sweating and sending a bunch of bodily signals indicating just that! Being a grown-ass man means having good body language and a good control of it. Having the ability to contain yourself and deliver the right body language at any given situation because your body language speaks loud and clear.

✔ 4. Being a man of your words

There are a few words I live by, a mantra if you will, “Say what you mean, mean what you say but don’t say it mean”. And any self-respecting grown-ass man should live by it too. This is a surefire turn off for anyone when a man can’t keep his words. Non-verbal communication like body language may be important but verbal communication alike is as significant. Being a man of your words shows you have manners, discipline, commitment and you mean business. For all you sweet talkers out there, we are flattered by your kind words (really, we are) but words are just characters from the alphabet if you don’t mean them. You see, real men keep their words and don’t use words too loosely.

✔ 5. Have passion

Be a driven person. Be passionate about your endeavors. This alone sets you apart from your fellow male counterparts. Even when you say it, “I’m a passionate man. I am passionate about my life and about making a difference”, it practically sells you as a grown-ass man. But don’t just say it, be passionate! Every man needs to have desire and goals in his life. If you don’t really want anything in life, what makes you think anyone would want you, no? When you desire, that’s when you become desirable. Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Look how far he’d come, pledgers. It’s your turn now.

✔ 6. Have good instincts

This refers to the ability to read in between the lines. You meet people from all walks of life and some come from high or low context cultures. Being able to understand what the other person is implying or in other words, having good instincts, is an important facet of being a grown-ass man. This is especially true in low context cultures, where people don’t state what they mean explicitly. It is always nice to go ahead and do something without having someone to ask you first. Particularly when you’re trying to impress a girl, your boss or anyone for that matter!

7. Have a good sense of men fashion

Dress the part, pledgers! The clothes make the man. You want to be a grown-ass man? Then look the part! Lose the over-sized faded t-shirts you got in grade school and trade up for clothing tailored for your size and build. You’d be surprised how the clothes you wear can change how you feel. Be aware of the latest men fashion trends and find the look or style that suits you the best! You can’t impress others without first impressing yourself in the mirror. From collar shirts to carrot-cut jeans, there are endless choices of men fashion for you to make a grown-ass man of yourself.

That’s it! The 7 things you need to have to be a grown-ass man. I wish you luck on your journey, dear pledgers. The best part is ezbuy offers a wide range of products in your effort of maintaining a good hygiene, goods to pursue your passions and men fashion. There you go, check off half the list and make me proud!

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