Your Comprehensive Picnic Checklist

If you’re planning a fun weekend date or just a general fun activity to organize with close friends, having a picnic at your local park would be just the outing for you. It’s safe to say that a good chunk of our time is spent staring at screens and scrolling through timelines. Although there is nothing wrong with that; disconnecting from technology and going out and soaking in some sunlight, eating finger food surrounded by lush greenery, and taking in Mother Nature at its best would definitely add a little cheeriness to your mundane life. Here’s our checklist should you decide to venture out for a picnic!


Picnic Basket


Now it’s a given that anyone who plans a picnic would be expected to bring a picnic basket of some sort for all the essential necessities. Which is why, this picnic basket would be perfect; as it has a compartment for everything picnic related you can think of! Cutleries? Check. Plates and cups? Check. Mats, napkins and blankets? Check, check and check. You really can’t go wrong with this nifty little basket, so I’d suggest you pick one up before your next day trip under the sun.

An economic suggestion would be to invest in some biodegradable disposable cups as not only are they a cheap alternative, they’re also eco-friendly! If you plan on preparing your meal at the park itself, keep in mind that you will be sitting on grass along with ants and other random insects lurking about. A fair tip would be to keep the food simple and easily assembled.


Comfy Blankets & Mats


Blankets or picnic mats are the one item that make or break the success of a picnic. Let’s be honest here, if there was nothing comfortable for you to sit on how many people would be comfortable sitting their tush down on the grass? It needs to be big enough to comfortably place all your table settings and glasses, thick enough so if the grass is damp or wet it wouldn’t affect it, and of course comfortable enough for you to want to spend hours sitting, talking and eating on it. You can’t go wrong with a plush cotton mat, which would be bound to keep everyone lying around for hours.




Snacks and bites are what embodies a picnic! Stock up on snacks and beverages from our Local Marketplace. If you’re going for something light and easy to munch on, a bag of chips, sausages, and kebabs would be perfect for people who haven’t worked up much of an appetite or simply can’t seem to sit still. Additionally, if you’re going to be preparing something hearty and savoury for the picnic make sure you come prepared with the right tools. A cutting board, bread knife, butter, plates, saucers, dips, you get the gist.

Do keep in mind whom you are prepping food for as well, you wouldn’t want to be serving hors d’oeuvres to a bunch of pre-schoolers who just want to run around and play! For a girls day out, perhaps some margaritas, a chicken salad will certainly delight and go down easy. On a romantic date? Set the mood by getting a bottle of wine, some candles, and light snacks to share.


Wine Cooler


What’s a picnic without a little alcohol? Wine is the perfect classy drink to sip on while basking under the sunlight. To make sure your wine is nice and chilled, be sure to include a portable wine cooler on your checklist of things to bring along while it could also double as a chiller for other beverages like beers, and sodas. Picture yourself lying across a soft mat, sipping on some wine as you chat with a close friend animatedly, admiring the fluffy clouds and birds chirping and flying about; how amazing does that sound? Although as delicious as this beverage is, make sure you don’t overdo it; I assume you wouldn’t want to leave your picnic feeling nauseous or covered in bile.


Outdoor Games


Regardless of age group or generation you may belong to, adding some fun activities and games to your picnic itinerary would definitely enhance the gathering and mood. Bring along your puzzle and board games or even get this bubble gun which creates multi-coloured bubbles a guaranteed hit with the little ones.

Besides that, there are always the classics such as eating contests, Marco polo –where you have to find your partner based on the sound of their voice, twister –the game that gets players standing in weird positions depending on the colour you end up with, and Pictionary –guessing what your partner is drawing before they complete it. There are obviously so many other alternatives for you to choose from and I would definitely consider adding an activity to your picnic as it will be that much more memorable.



Ultimately, having a picnic should be an enjoyable experience for all parties regardless of the food or fancy cutlery and accessories you have. As long as you surround yourself with people who genuinely enjoy your company and can make for a good time, you’re already a big step in the right direction! Be sure you have all these essentials mentioned for the utmost enjoyable experience, and for everything else you need head on to today for the widest variety and offerings!



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