Find Calm In Chaos In An Instant! 5min Meditation That Works

As we move along from Monday to Friday, we barely even know how we actually survived throughout the week, and saying that “I’m Stressed Out” would completely be an understatement.

Long hours at school or work, tight deadlines, heavy workload and all other factors contribute to elevate our stress level throughout the week. And we often find ourselves totally exhausted both physically and mentally, and also disconnected from ourselves. And we are constantly finding ways to get a balance of our lives. Actually you can find calm in the chaos fairly easily, just by doing some meditation. And its really works!

When talking about meditation, a lot of people pass the option thinking that it’s another hassle to find a right time to meditate, or a good place to do a session of meditation. But good news is, there is no right time or place to meditate, you can just do it anytime and anywhere and instantly connect reconnect with yourself mentally, physically and emotionally as well. Voila!

How to Meditate In 5 Minutes ?

Because we all know that we can’t have hours of meditation amidst our busy schedule and we want to conquer calm in just 5 minutes. Grab your mobile, laptop or any other device where you can set a timer and set it for 5 minutes. This way you don’t have to keep checking your time throughout and once the time is up you’ll be notified.

The best way to find peace and connect with our inner self is when we are grounded, so its important to be seated or if possible lying down while you meditates. If you are seated on floor, place a yoga mat and sit comfortably in a cross-legged position or if you’re lying down make sure to be on a face up position where both your legs and arms are relaxed.

  • Body Posture

How you sit or lie down is very important to achieve the perfect energy flow throughout your body while you meditate, so it would be always good to place yourself in a correct and comfortable position. If you are seated, make sure that your not crouching your back or extending too much which would give you to much pressure. Just simply keep yourself seated in a neutral position and place your arms on your thighs where your palms are facing up. And if you are lying down, keep your legs slightly apart and your arms by your side, palms facing up. It’s a fairly easy position.

  • Stay Focused

Your biggest challenge while you meditate would be staying focused. Since you are already in the middle of so many tasks and hurdles, it might be hard to forget about all those in a split second. But it’s okay! All you’ve got to do while you meditate is every time you loose focus; try to bring the focus back. When you practice this, this would become a habit overtime, and even if you are in a middle of a difficult task and you feel that you are loosing focus, it would help you to bring your focus back to your work.

So now it’s time to begin your meditation! You can meditate either with your eyes open or closed. But if you are at a place where you can close your eyes, its always good to do so, as this would help you in staying focused on your inner self for the whole 5 minutes.

Begin your session with controlling your breathing. Take controlled and full breaths while focusing heavily on your breathing. If you choose to close your eyes, you can opt to imagine a scenery or an image which brings you peace. And if you chose to keep your eyes open, you can focus on an object not further than 5 feet or closer than three feet from where you’re sitting. So as you inhale and exhale with focus and control you will be amazed how rejuvenated you will start to feel, in just under 5 minutes.

Here Are Some Easy Tips for Your Meditation Sessions !

Don’t think too much if you are doing it right or wrong. When it comes to meditation there are no hard and fast rules. It’s all about what makes you feel good. And as you go along with the meditation practices you can find out what techniques suits you the best. Either seated or lying down, or your eyes closed or open. Suit yourself!

It would be wise to invest in a good yoga mat. As with the help of a yoga mat, you can meditate anywhere without having to think too much if the floor is clean or not, and if the floor is going to make your clothes dirty. Just spread the mat and start the magic

If you have mobile phone or any device that can play music, it would be a good idea to play a calming and soothing music. This would help to eliminate unnecessary background noise and would assist you to stay focused.

If you’re looking for something extra, something more revitalizing get a Eva Foam yoga roller. This is heaven, trust me! After your 5 minutes of meditation, you can spend sometime rolling on your yoga mat with this foam yoga roller and it would surely surprise you. It’s so relaxing you might not want to leave the meditation session.

So with these easy steps and tips, you can definitely conquer the battle of the week without loosing yourself in the chaos. All you need is just five minutes for the magic to work. Come and select your appropriate equipment at ezbuy now !

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