Guide To Being A Home Barista

Have you been drinking that same instant coffee brand for a couple of months now? It’s probably the 2nd or 3rd brand you’ve switched this year because you’d like to have a change of flavor every once in awhile. But then you find yourself coming back to the same brand you’ve had before, and the cycle continues. At some point, you’d probably think to yourself, “I’m basically a coffee connoisseur!” Except you aren’t, not until you’ve started having some actual decent coffee in cafes your friends recommended on social networking sites.

You take your time to enjoy the coffee at a cafe (because that’s what you should be doing in a cafe anyway). You also pay attention to the baristas working there, turning knobs on a machine, pressing buttons, pouring in the coffee beans and milk; you start getting interested in what they are doing and the quality of the coffee they are making.

Still, it’s a lot of work. You can probably imagine yourself operating a large coffee machine and making good coffee, but deep down you know that it takes a lot more than just turning knobs and pushing buttons. You want to up your game as a coffee connoisseur but don’t want to jump into the coffee making bandwagon too quickly. You can start by being a home barista — making coffee for yourself, with a coffee machine in your household.

Start small – Coffee Makers

You don’t want to rush into things and get an expensive coffee machine you can’t operate that well with. You can start out with a simple drip coffee machine and all you need to do is to add coffee grounds, a filter and water. Turn on the coffee machine, give it a couple of minutes for the water to boil and drip on the coffee grounds, producing the wonderful coffee you know and love in the coffee pot. This kind of coffee machine is also commonly purchased as a gift.

Getting it on with a coffee grinder


Coffee grounds are great, but you know what’s better? Freshly ground coffee. They provide a stronger flavour and taste for the coffee beans especially if you grind them minutes before brewing with your coffee machine. It’s a lot of work just for a cup of coffee, but once you get the gist of how good a freshly ground coffee is, you’ll know it’s worth it.

One coffee at a time


Unlike a drip coffee machine, which can produce coffee for roughly a dozen cups at a time, a capsule coffee machine (also known as single-serve pod coffee machine) makes one coffee at a time. It’s completely automatic, very easy to use, and certainly pricier than a drip coffee machine. All you have to do is to buy the ingredients — a pre-packaged coffee capsule/pod, insert one into the machine, place your cup and close the slider.

Let’s automate everything

If all the grinding and pumping doesn’t work for you and you can afford to bump up your coffee machine budget a little more, maybe it’s better to just invest in a  bean-to-cup coffee machine which, as the name suggests, grinds the beans as you use them and brews the freshest coffee, completely automated.


Pump it, louder!


Purist coffee connoisseurs may disagree, but what’s coffee without the foamy extraction that is crema, like those you find in cappuccinos and lattes? If you aren’t a purist and looking to make your own variation of coffee; but don’t mind a more manual, near actual barista approach, then look no further than a pump coffee machine. It allows you to brew your coffee by steaming/frothing milk at the same time, which you can then combine and create a coffee variation as you wish.

Now that you’ve set your eyes on the kind of coffee machine you need, what’s left is shopping for some good looking coffee mugs to drink your coffee out of.

In addition to the design and style, choosing a decent mug is quite tricky. You’d want something that is durable, pleasant to hold, doesn’t burn your hand when you hold it, and the list goes on. Always remember, the coffee that came out of a coffee machine is boiling hot, so you’d want a mug that can endure such treatment for years to come, assuming you don’t get bored of mug design easily.

Of course, a coffee that’s hot isn’t meant to be finished in one sip, you’d want to keep it warm for as long as you can, and that’s where a coffee cup warmer comes in. By plugging it in with a power source, this tiny device will generate enough heat to keep your mug warm. Heck you can even get yourself one that has a USB power source. “Warm that coffee with your PC!” should be the tagline for products like these.

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