Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas On A Budget

It’s that time when you are looking for Christmas gifts for this year’s Secret Santa. Not sure what to get? We might have the right list for you here.


Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

  1. The Body Shop Gift Set

A gift set that includes body butter, lotion, hand cream, body wash or anything along those lines. The Body Shop is famous for making high-quality aromatherapy products that the women in your life will certainly appreciate. What’s more, they offer affordable gift sets that are kind on your budget and save you from the trouble of wrapping.

  1. Slip-on flat shoes

Getting a pair of flat shoes may be the easiest solution for everyone out there. There can never be too many shoes for girls and women. Just make sure you get the right size for them!

  1. Scented Candles

Anything that smells nice is probably a good bet to give to female counterparts. In this case, we strongly recommend scented candles which you can get at Kaison, Ikea or via ezbuy’s USA marketplace at an affordable price.


Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

  1. Mugs

Instead of a typical mug, try getting one with Star Wars decoration or an alien’s face at Typo. It serves both functionality and decorativeness, and for guys, it is actually a guilty pleasure. Aim for the games or movies designs and you should be on the right track.

  1. Virtual Reality Lens Set


If you have been browsing e-commerce sites like ezbuy, you should be able to find a set of VR lens at lower price! So, you should definitely get one of these and impress your colleagues or friends this coming Christmas!

  1. Posters

Movies or games posters will probably work out as a Christmas gift for the guys as most of us are geeks. But make sure to check around his preference and also trending titles so you can hit his soft spot with a good poster.


Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

  1. Play-Doh set

Who doesn’t love Play-Doh? Also, it’s unisex, so it saves you a headache from having to choose the right gift based on whether it’s a boy or girl.

  1. Stationery set


Since Christmas is so near to the beginning of the new school year, it may be a good idea to reward children with a fancy stationary set and keep them excited about going back to school.

  1. Educational play-books

It’s important to instil the value of knowledge into the little ones and play-books are the easiest way to capture their interest and kick start their reading habit. Whether it’s a pictorial story book, kid’s guide to cooking and baking, game-books or coloring books, BOOKXCESS has got you covered.


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This article was written and brought to you by Comparehero Malaysia.

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