Plan The Perfect Birthday Party Under RM50

Who doesn’t want the most awesome, most talked about birthday party of the year? Party costs can sometimes go over-budget but we are here to show you that there is no need to break the bank in order to have the perfect party. You just need to know where to get help from. Get everything done from start to finish, the partying to the cleaning.

1) Party invitations

Sending personalized party invitations may be something of the past, but what if you made e-invites? Simply download a free template from the web or get creative with originals using soft-wares like Photoshop. Or if you aren’t that tech-savvy, get a friend to help! By sending the invitations via email and allowing your guests to RSVP with a link provided, there are absolutely zero costs involved!

Cost: RM0

2) Food and the cake

Gifts are best when they are given from the heart. You don’t have to order an expensive, over the top cake! Why not surprise the birthday boy or girl, by making a masterpiece of your own? The only costs involved would be the price of the raw ingredients and it would not even amount to much. Look through the web for inspiration to get your brain juices flowing and get creative with it! For the dinner party, you don’t have to specially cater trays of food. Why not host a ‘bring-your-own-meal’, potluck sort of party? That way, you save costs on the food and also everyone gets to bring their best dish! You could even hold a competition of who had the best dish of the night!

Cost: RM18


3) Fun and games

There is no rule set in stone that you absolutely need to have a magician, a clown or a free horse ride in order for you to have the best party of the century! Instead, why not get a GoGetter to find some printable photo-booth props? Create a make-shift photo-booth background with a blanket or a curtain, set it up under a well-lit wall and there you go! Your photo-booth will cost close to nothing compared to those priceless photographs you and your guests will get to enjoy taking throughout the party.

Cost: RM10

4) Set up the venue

Save on hiring a party planner and instead hire a GoGetter to buy and deliver the party decorations! Balloons may just be air in rubber bags, but they do add a nice touch to the party. You could even get those that come in the shape of numbers and spell out the birthday person’s age. Maybe even get one of those signs that says ‘Happy Birthday’ or party hats and party favours.

Cost: RM10

5) Clean up

Nobody likes the clean-up, but somebody’s still got to do it. You wouldn’t want the leftover food to attract pest. Sweep and mop the floor, clean the furniture and even wash the cutlery.  Keep the cost of cleaning up as low as possible by getting your friends to help with the clean-up. Or if you’d rather not, simply hire a GoGetter to provide you with an extra pair of helping hands.

Cost: RM12


This sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? But who you gonna call? ……..GoGetters!

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