5 Reasons Why It’s Fun To Be Single

Singles day or 11.11 has since past and honestly, we do need more days that celebrate the joys of singlehood. Here are 5 reasons why it’s more fun to be single!


  1. You Get To Hang Out With Your Friends More

Have you ever encountered friends who dropped off the face of the earth the moment they are attached? One day you hang out at least once a week and the next, it’s been months since you’ve last talked to each other. And what about those couples aka Siamese twins who can’t decide on anything until they consult their better half?


For example:

You: Want to hang out this Saturday for tea at this cool new dessert place?

Siamese Twin: Oooh, I’ve always wanted to try that café but my other half doesn’t have a sweet tooth.

You: Then come with me lar, this is your chance to try it!

Siamese Twin: Let me check with him first to see his plans. I’ll let you know later.

You: #%@*# (inside your heart)


What a drag, right? When you’re single, you can say yes to spending more time with your besties, eating whatever you want and not feel guilty about it. You are the boss of your time and taste buds!


  1. You Can Travel Whenever and Wherever You Want

Without a partner to weight you down, worry about your safety or get sulky because you’re hardly at home, you can travel on a whim. If you can’t find a travel partner, you can go solo! If you haven’t travelled alone before, try going somewhere near for a short while and see how it feels. We guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good your own company can be.

If you are solo in Paris and love the arts, you can spend as much time as you want there without the need to check if your travel companion was bored and wanted to leave. You can eat whatever you fancy whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to rush to anywhere you don’t want to go or march to someone else’s schedule. The feeling is truly incomparable and utterly surreal. Try it, you’ll see!


  1. You Can Chat Up With Whomever You Want

Sometimes you meet someone cute and friendly in a party or when you are queuing up at Starbucks. A smile leads to some small talk and soon the two of you are exchanging funny stories about your pets. You exchange phone numbers and flirt madly after that. The next day, you meet another cutie, exchange numbers and flirt even more. All of these completely guilt-free because you are single! Life’s sunnier and more fun when you can chat up anyone you fancy without worrying if you’re emotionally cheating on your partner.


  1. No In-Laws

When you are in a serious relationship or married, you are also technically attached to your partner’s family. It’s no longer what you want but what your partner and his family wants. Suddenly you find your schedule being stretched to accommodate their needs too. Also, you’ll start to realise that all those mother-in-law jokes are not a figment of your imagination. There’s a reason why there are so many of them, yikes!

As a single, you have no in-laws, which means no toes (or land mines) to step on. Welcome to a world of bliss and peace, my friend!


  1. Singles Day!

Valentine’s day celebrations can literally make people burn a hole through their pockets. Everything’s hiked up that day. Flowers, fine dining and even specialty chocolates cost a bomb on Valentine’s. The message on Valentine’s is: if you’re not splurging on your beloved, you’re not loving them enough.

No such thing on Single’s Day. It’s like the best time of the year to shower yourself and your single friends with gifts to celebrate your awesomeness. The message is: singles are not cheap, just smart!


So here are 5 reasons why being single is so awesome. It’s time to dust off your dancing shoes (or go get one on ezbuy at a great price) and dance the night away with your equally cool single friends.



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