Why You Should Opt to Study Abroad

Ever caught yourself in a bit of a muddle when it comes to choosing the right university for you? EasyUni knows that one of the key factors which up your game when it comes to finding work upon graduation is the university you belong to. Obtaining an overseas degree can open up the gateway to your future – if you let it. From top tier universities in the UK and the USA, to tuition-free institutions in Germany and the Nordic countries, the world is your oyster. Allow us to compel you into making the right decision for you (or your kids!).

Here’s why an increasing number of students are opting to study abroad, and why you should too:

Develop a Global Mindset

The chance to pursue an education away from home is an experience unlike any other. It may possibly be the first time you are by yourself, away from the comforts of family, in a strange, new country. You will learn much about yourself, as well as others around you. The friends you would make along the way, the tasks you may have to do by yourself, which may have been catered to early by your parents are capable of broadening your horizons and allowing yourself to see your own true reflection; your strengths, your weakness. Intermingling with other students from a variety of background might too surprise you. That is why, a change of environment, they say, helps you grow in more ways than one.


Network, Network, Network

It’s not just about the potential friends you may meet; being in a different country, you would be exposed to individuals from different walks of life, both younger and older than you. After having been cooped up for quite a while in your home country, this may be a refreshing change, and the connections you build during your time abroad may prove to be immensely useful in the future. Which brings us to our next point…


Future Prospects

Not only would building a network assist you in your future ventures, but transferring to and graduating from a country such as Australia opens you to a prospect you may not have considered before: choosing to work and live there, as well. Upon graduation, you may be allowed to continue residing and seek employment, conveniently providing you with an entire new place to build a life in. It is possibilities such as this that many choose to pursue, to think out of the box and settle elsewhere than their home country. With a overseas experience, you may just have the world at your feet.


Opportunity to Travel

Your home country may by now be all too familiar; a vacation once in a while is always manageable. However, imagine a situation where the possibility to travel, to explore a new area in a new country is open to you, every weekend! Finish up your assignments during the weekdays, pack your bags and jump on a bus to wherever, come the weekend. Go cycling, trekking, sunbathing or swimming by the sea; explore castles and caves and rivers and mountains. Cities with a bustling nightlife and the cool winters –which are sure to be a welcome change from Malaysia’s year-round hot and humid weather! Even a simple beer with friends at the end of a weekday can help build an enclave of memories for you to go back with.


What are the hurdles I may run into along the way?
Financial constraints, homesickness can plague you while abroad – the key is in finding the worth in it. Consider Germany and the Nordic countries, where courses are often tuition-free. Moreover, we would have you know that part-time work is very common amongst students in countries such at the UK, the US, Australia, etc., and can easily assist students in covering living and entertainment costs, thereby making their stay much more feasible. Student visas too often allow for several hours of part-time work weekly.

They say if there’s a will, there’s a way – and EasyUni is available right by your side in helping you pave your way to your future. Drop us an email or give us a call to speak to our counselors (for free!), and you’ll be right on your way.


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