Exclusive Men Series: Grooming Items That You Need

Grooming Men


Presenting: twelve easy grooming habits all men should get into.

  • 1 | Become a regular at your barbers.
  • 2 | Know which hair products work for you.
  • 3 | Find your signature scent.
  • 4 | “Do a Dylan” with your toothbrush.
  • 5 | Learn how to manscape properly.
  • 6 | Scrub your face.

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There are more options for men today than there ever have been. If you having a trust issue the salon, you can do it at home. What you need now are the perfect and most handy grooming tools for you to keep at home. For those who care little about their images, might get lost in the world of male grooming advice.

Believe us, with thousands of tips, tricks, tools, creams, colognes, and cuts to choose from… where’s a fella to start when it comes to grooming himself? Now, there are thousands of website that gave so many preferences for regular haircuts, hair coloring, Brazilian hair straightening, and facials. Men continue to embrace grooming in all its forms, with no slowdown in sight.

Starter Kit For The 1st Timer

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1. The Shaver

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Having your own shaving kit IS A MUST and will save you a lot of time in frequenting the salon.  You could choose razors, tweezers, trimmers, or you a single head-to-toe solution. For a good start, Gillette’s shaving kit makes sure you get a salon-like experience at home.

2. Face Wash

Acne, blackheads, oily skin or dry skin are the most common thing that worries not only women but also men. Men’s skin can be particularly oily if you are using the wrong kind of cleanser. Using the wrong kind of face wash can cause dirt and sebum to be clogged inside pores and lead to pimples. DO NOT USE heavy cream cleansers as those type of cleanser can bog down your skin.

3. Skin Solution

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4. Deodorant

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Everyone has their own body-scent and is often a turn on for the opposite sex and so on. However, men’s odor can be a bit stronger than female. Sometimes the scent often gets overpowered by that thing called perspiration and would be fatal to others. So, make sure you chose a deodorant that makes you feel fresh and has a 48-hour odor protection formula, which will easily take you from one shower to the next – even if you decide to skip a day.

5. Pomade

In the hopes to style your hair, you might be ruining it by not opting for the right hair styling product. That is why you need to know the best product to do achieve all the hairstyle of your dreams. Whether it is a buzz cut, french crop, pompadour or just a clean good boy style, you need to know which product is the most suitable for all kinds of hair.


Every man’s skin is different, and there are no such things as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to skin care. Make sure what skin type are you by visiting the expert especially the dermatologist if you have questions about your skin. A well-groomed man must be self-assured and confident. All you have to do is to stand up and walk straight, shoulders back and chest out.

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