Our Endless Journeys To Deliver ‘EZ’ To You

– Nothing worth having comes easy, but ezbuy makes it easy for you!

Gone are the days of travelling overseas to get your shopping done. Following our rebranding to ezbuy in March 2016 to becoming a Global Marketplace, we have upheld our mission to make it easier for you to “Buy Global, Locally!”

It has been a purposeful 2 years ever since our transition from 65daigou to our current global marketplace, ezbuy. Initially starting out in a humble apartment in Singapore, we have since expanded to warehouses situated in China, USA, Taiwan, and Malaysia just to ensure smoother processes and faster shipment for our customers. Our strong belief to bring convenience to our customers held the co-founders together and brought ezbuy to what it is today.


– We make what’s not easy, easy for you!

Prime It, Only at RM8.80!

Finding a solution to mitigate high shipping costs was our biggest concern. With that, we announced our Prime Membership Program on the same day as our transition to ezbuy – an all-exclusive pass which empowers our customers with the knowledge to shop EASILY.

Prime Membership allows you to ship anything– regardless of how many, heavy or bulky your parcel is at a fixed shipping rate of only RM8.80. An amazing feat considering that it already costs RM15 just to ship a 500g parcel from USA to Malaysia. How affordable!

Prime’s fixed shipping rate benefits not only those who purchase heavy and bulky items such as furniture, but also if you want a peace of mind when shopping. Worry no more about unexpected or high shipping fees, as a Prime member you can enjoy savings up to 80% compared to shipping via non-Prime.

With such ease and convenience, it is no wonder that Prime has garnered a lot of interest and positive response from our customers since its conception. Since the launch of our Prime RM8.80 flat rate shipping membership, we have helped more than 10,000 customers to save an average amount of RM800 per month in shipping fees.

We constantly seek ways to improve Prime, and are always listening to your suggestions for improvement. As we speak, over 100,000 Prime products are being added into our platform every day in order to provide you a greater variety of products and much cheaper shipping rates.

That’s not all with Prime. We also offer many other benefits such as 42 free Prime Wish lists to convert Taobao and non-Prime products to RM8.80 Shipping, 50% Off Agent Fee and exclusive promotions and discounts with partners for Annual Prime members, letting them enjoy greater savings to make shopping even EASIER at R8.80!


EzCollection– Friendly Neighbourhood Collection Center!

With various delivery and self collection methods already available in Malaysia, it would seem like a reasonable amount of pick-up locations for customers to collect their parcels. Even so, we haven’t stopped there and kept our mission in mind and sourced for even better and convenient logistics systems.

We took it further and launched ezCollection in Nov 2017, collaborating with malls, supermarket & shop owners to enable you to collect your ezbuy parcels at their shop locations anytime during opening hours. This brought our total existing collection points to 48 nationwide. Other than giving you a greater selection in choosing a collection point, ezCollection also enhances your experience so you don’t have to rush in order to meet the stipulated timeslots for collections.

Our co-founders first started ezbuy with this convenience in mind – to reduce the cost of parcel delivery (as they often cost more than the parcel’s value) and to transfer this savings back onto our customers.  As the first to come out with road-trip collection points in Malaysia, and now ezCollection, you no longer have to worry about accessibility to your parcels when it will always be close in proximity to your homes!


Global Marketplace – More Countries to Shop from Globally!

Ever since we adapted our brand name to ezbuy, our focus has shifted to becoming a global marketplace. In addition to our existing China, USA, and Taiwan marketplace, we have also expanded our offerings to collaborate with & Mogujie marketplaces in 2017, taking us a step closer to our goal of being a global marketplace.

Shopping is no longer a luxury when you can find anything and everything you would need and want on our platform at unbeatable prices and seamless convenience! From China, we have super value for money items, affordable branded items from USA, yummy local delicacies from Taiwan as well as your daily necessities direct from local Malaysian sellers via our Local marketplace.

Bringing to you an unlimited variety of products – including limited editions and exclusives from all around the world. Be spoilt for choice! With the lowest shipping rate in town, cash rebates, loyalty and membership programs, shopping from all over the world has never been cheaper and easier!


Taobao Sellers & More Directly Available on our Platform

Due to its endless catalogue of products and cheap prices,Taobao has become a go-to shopping heaven to many of our customers. With the success of last year’s Double 11 sales, hundreds of Taobao sellers are now selling directly on our platform. Great news! This means you can now purchase the same wide variety of products directly from Taobao Sellers at the same low cost together with shortened processing times.

By working directly with these Taobao sellers along with our stringent inspection and repacking service, the risk of you receiving damaged or incorrect products is absorbed by us. To add on, we help you save the hassle of Google translating the Chinese words to English and provide you with a seamlessly convenient shipping method.To put it simply, with ezbuy, shopping on Taobao has never been easier!

Staying true to our slogan of “Buy Global, Locally”, ezbuy has been bringing millions of products all around the world as a pioneer in the e-commerce scene in Malaysia. Yes, we’re armed with over 8 years of experience, but we promise to never stop learning and growing.  We are expanding further into different marketplaces just so that you, our loyal customers, can “Buy Global, Locally” in the comfort of your home, in just a few clicks!


– Come Celebrate With Us!

Thank you for your continued support we wouldn’t have come so far without you our customers! To commemorate our 2nd Anniversary this year, boy do we have loads in stored for you! From promotions, flash deals and FREE shipping over 2 million products.

Stay tuned and do visit our Birthday event page for exciting deals and happenings! See you there & happy shopping!


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