How to Ensure Maximum Luggage Space for All Your Holiday Buys – 7 Simple Packing Tips

Planning a trip is the fun part; the part we all dread is – packing! Love it or hate it, it is going to be tough to go on your travels without your stuff. So here are a few tips on how to bring ‘everything’ without going over the weight limit or perhaps even breaking your bag. These quirky tips will amuse you, and make you wonder how you did not think of it.

No, you do not need to go and buy fancy organizers; no more additional spending is required. This article will show you how to make the most of household items and transform items you already have into the storage space for all your bits and bobs, not to mention the ultimate way to squeeze all those outfits into that bag efficiently.

1) Pack Inside Your Shoe


Shoes themselves take up a good chuck out of a suitcase, so why not pack inside them? Shoes are a great place to fit in your toiletries or your socks, and even little bags of accessories, make up, chargers and other little items that you need on your trip. This way your shoe is also able to keep it’s shape for when you wear it at your destination and you are also re-using the hollow space available from these fairly large items.

2) Roll, Do Not Fold


Rolling clothes up instead of folding them is a key hack to maximizing space, it also make’s it easier to take clothes out of your suitcase if you are not the kind of person who organised your items into a separate space while on your holiday.

Packing is like creating and solving your own puzzle, and what better shape than a straight line to simplify this puzzle? This helps you increase space for other items as well as have even room for more outfits than you thought you could afford to bring on your trip.


Bras always get squished and they certainly do take up space, so fold your undergarments and place them in the cup and fold the bra horizontally. After a shower this packing technique will be thanked as you do not need to go diving into your suitcase to find your personal pieces instead they have been organised together.  This will also keep the cup in shape for later comfort, which in accordance will be appreciated on your trip.


3) Avoid Little Pouches and Purses

If you really want to keep your bag as spacious as possible, avoid using bags such as toiletry bags, make-up bags and organizers. Although they keep all of your belongings neat and coordinated, they also take up lots of space and little products like make-up can be squeezed into other places. For example you can squeeze the amounts of foundation and creams you require into contact lens cases and fit those into the nooks and crannies of your bag.



Shampoos and other liquid based items do spill, this happens when items compress and although it will smell nice, discovering the disastrous liquid leak in our luggage when we arrive at our destination is a burden. To prevent this, take the lids off liquid bottles and add a layer of cling-film to the neck of the container before replacing the lid. Then use clear tape to seal the gap where the lid joins the container, this will save your worries

Belt Wraps


A good place to wrap your belt in is the inside of the collar of a shirt to save space and keep the collar in shape as well. Wrapping the belt around the perimeter of the bag is another good location that won’t take up much space. Belts tend to get creased if bent wrongly, so use these simple hacks to keep your belt in tack so you can look dapper while you are away.

Fragile Protectors


Breakables are always dodgy concern when traveling, so to protect breakables such as glass fragrance bottles you can slip them into socks before packing them into your suitcase. Also make sure you place all fragile and heavy items at the bottom of your bag so that it is stable, we do not need our bags falling all over the place whilst travelling.

Medicine Box


Little jewelry such as rings and earrings can get lost on trips, and we have all had the struggle of losing one side of a pair of earrings, or even worse – important rings. To prevent this issue, use pill case compartments or an old lip balm container to organize and keep track of your smaller adornments.

By following these simple hacks it will allow you to feel ease while packing and make use of all the items in your home and within your bag. These tips do not only allow you to pack everything effectively but also makes the packing post trip a breeze. Thus, are you ready for your trip now? Take a look for your travel essentials at ezbuy ! Don’t forget to visit “Insufficient Luggage Space? Here Are 7 Smart Packing Tips” articles on to find out more.


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