Flying Budget? Five Ways to Create Your Own First Class Experience

Are you planning an exotic beach vacation, or just a quick escape from your mundane life? I’m sure you’d be excitedly ticking off days from your calendar till you get to dig your toes in your sandy or otherwise, escape. However if you’re anything like me, the only thing I don’t look forward to is the flight. They’re long, boring, sometimes don’t have Wi-Fi, and are often echoed with crying babies. Fortunately for you, I’ve come up with a list of things that will not only make your flight more bearable –but also seem like you’re flying first class in the mile high club.


The most important travel accessory you can bring with you on the plane would be sunglasses. Are you not in a position to close the window blinds? Do you want to avoid all forms of human interaction? Did you see a cute girl and want to eye her without getting caught? Sunnies are your new besties. For added effect, buy the reflective ones to completely block out any form of light bouncing towards you.

Your Own Gourmet Meal

Now, let’s all say it together: Airplane meals suck. (Unless you’re flying business class –which if you’re reading this article, probably not) What better way to keep yourself happy and in a good mood then by packing your favourite food along with you? Imagine this, the pretty air stewardess rolls her cart over to your aisle and asks if you would like to have the in-flight meal provided. You coolly wave her off and take out a wrapped bacon triple cheeseburger. The passengers sitting next to you that have agreed upon some stale fried rice immediately turn their heads to you inhaling the delicious scent of the burger you’re about to devour. You’ll definitely step off the flight being the envy of many with a happy belly. (While delicious, a cautionary note would be to not bring in foods that have already been unwrapped or open when checking in as it will be confiscated)

Facial Wash

Long haul flights can get sweaty, dirty and uncomfortable real fast. Although it may not seem like facial wash would make that big of a transformation, I would beg to differ. A clean face is also a happy face, and when you feel better about how you’re appearing to the rest of the world- your body will follow.  I’m not saying that if you spilled soy sauce all over yourself you’ll come out smelling like lavenders, but you will feel a little less gross with a refreshed, clean face.

Lip Balm

Trust me on this; you’ll thank yourself profusely for bringing this nifty little tube around. Especially if you’re on long flights or maybe you were rushing to catch your flight and didn’t manage to get anything to eat or drink before. Air conditioning is a common cause of dehydration, and guess how long it would take before you feel your throat dry up and your lips crack? Swiping on some lip balm will add some moisture to your soft lips and also leave it looking luscious and kissable –just in case you bump into your potential to-be on board.

Sleeping Accessories

Do you want to take a nice long nap, but can’t seem to get comfortable? When sleeping pills are out of the picture try opting for the more everyday travel accessories. Bring along a plush blanky that you can snuggle up comfortably in; not having to worry about who’s sweat or DNA you’re sharing by using the in-flight blanket. Another commodity that would be useful is some silk eye masks and while you’re at it, grab a neck pillow before boarding your flight to avoid accidentally drooling on your side passenger’s shoulder. These useful travel accessories help you forcibly shut out the rest of the world and assure a good night’s sleep.


You heard that right, rightfully known as ‘the devil’s water’ it will definitely help you get through your flight. There are many people who are nervous flyers that feel a little better after getting some alcohol in their system as it relieves tension and stress. However for all of you excited to grab your first alcoholic beverage in the air; be wary. Usually flights travel at quite a high altitude of about 1,800 to 2,200 metres up in the air; but because of the decrease of oxygen intake your body is getting you may feel alcoholic effects kick in a lot stronger compared to if you were grounded. Nevertheless, I’m sure sipping a fancy cocktail and gazing out at the ocean will make you feel a lot fancier than you normally would.

Flying although can be a pain with the luggage and check in and waiting, is always an experience. Ensure a smooth and comfortable journey with our travel guide and for all your travel essentials be sure to check out ezbuy today!

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