Insufficient Luggage Space? Here Are 7 Smart Packing Tips

Travelling is fun, but packing is always a hassle! If you’re one of those people who feel like you need everything from your favorite conditioner to your favorite cat, your hairdryer, your 32-palette eye-shadow to tag along with your on your vacation, then we’re guessing it can get really challenging for you to make space in your luggage.

So what is the ancient secret? How do some people look like they can pack their entire wardrobe into a mini duffel?

Fret not, we have put together a list of seven packing tips to make things easier for you, and we promise you won’t have to carry anything more than a single piece of hand luggage for that upcoming vacation!

1.Make a list – and stick to it!


First things first, make a list. More often than not, we always tend pack more than we need. What if this gets stained? What if I get wet in the rain? What if it’s too hot and I need to change? What if I bump into a guy and need to go on a date?  

But the truth is, the moment you step out of that hotel, it is very rare that you will have time to go back and forth for garment changes. After all, you’re on a holiday!

Make a list of days and what outfit you’re going to wear on that particular day. For example:

Day 1 :


Day: Red dress and hat


Night: Jeans and pink sweater

Here’s a trick. Take the number of days and multiply them by 2. For example, if you’re traveling for 5 days, then you will need approximately 10 sets of clothing. If you’re travelling 2 days, then you need 4 sets of clothing, and so on and so forth. One pair of clothes for the day, and one pair for the night. Keep it simple.

If you’re staying alone, all you need is one oversized t-shirt for one night. What could possibly be comfy-er than that?

2.Get the right luggage


Just like how eating on a bigger plate makes you take more food than you can finish, packing in a big suitcase can also make you want to pack more than necessary. If you’re going away for a month, then feel free to bring out that jumbo-sized suitcase. But if you’re going away for the weekend, stick to a duffel bag, or a mini suitcase. A smaller suitcase will make you more wary of the space, and you will be more careful with what you pick. That way, you will only pack what you really, REALLY need.

3.Pack onesies


Instead of packing a tank top and a matching jeans, why not just pack a dress or a jumpsuit? They take up lesser space and you can fill up the rest of your suitcase with some extra stuff. They are sleek, can be formal or casual, and very space-efficient!

Bonus tip: You don’t need like five pairs of jeans for five days. Jeans are durable and are not meant to be washed daily, so you can use one for 4 to 5 days. You can also pack leggings and vests to give your outfit that extra “oomph” without much effort.

4.Let it roll!

One of the best packing advice I’ve received is to roll your clothes! Most of your soft garments like t-shirts, dresses, and shawls can be rolled, and they free up a tonne of space for you. All these rolled garments can be placed on the bottom of your suitcase. Other garments like dress shirts, pants, blazers, towels, can be folded neatly and placed on top.

Go back to your list. Whatever you’re wearing on Day 1, put them on top, then followed by Day 2, Day 3 respectively. Things like your shampoo, towels and toothbrush should go on top too, since these are the things that you will reach for immediately upon checking in.

5.Mix and match

Mix and match as the ultimate secret to packing! Just like how you play the pairing game every morning before going to work, play the same game when you’re on holiday. Wear your skirt and a cute top today. Tomorrow, your skirt also goes with that tank top or that pink sweater. Garments like skirts and leggings can also be rolled up and can snugly fit into your suitcase.

6.Bring only 3 pairs of shoes

Yep, you read that right fashionista! When traveling, still to the basics as much as you can. We know you can fit your shoes collection into a wardrobe, but let’s downsize it here. Pack one pair of sneakers, one pair of flip flops and one pair of heels. For the long walks, you got your comfortable kicks, for the beach, you got your Havaianas, and if you happen to hit the dance clubs, you can rock it with your killer heels!

Just remember to wear the heaviest, bulkiest shoes, and pack the other two!

7.Make use of cute travel kits


Most beauty stores and pharmacies these days have their personalized travel kits. So hey, you don’t have to lug around your favourite shampoo or lotion in big bulky bottles, just get the same ones in a smaller size! The travel kits are also usually complete with shower gel, body wash, lotion, and contacts cases, and the whole thing is no bigger than a book!

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