My Backpacks are All Cooler than Yours

The Backpack. It’s the quintessential item that is a part of our everyday life, and will continue to be just that for many years to come.  Most of us started using one during our school days and continue to use one for the rest of our lives! When choosing a backpack, you have to ensure it is made of quality materials that will last through the use you plan to put It through as a bag that will follow you through life.

The first step to finding the right backpack is knowing why you need it! Is this for casual day use? For the formal business meeting in the corporate world? Or to standout with a backpack from the rest of the pack? I’ll take you through the few backpacks that I have and use for the different aspects of my life, from pleasure and play to business and professional! My backpacks are infinitely cooler than yours because I have separate ones which help keep me organized and ready for whatever life throws at me! As an added bonus, I’ve also convinced a female friend to give me a bit of insight in to why she has the backpack she has!

The Business Professional Backpack

The perfect combination of street style practicality and business formality. The padded straps ensure that the backpack sits comfortably on my shoulders without cutting in to my shoulders or leaving an unsightly crease in my jacket and shirt. The backpack is also sturdy enough to provide some protection for my laptop in the main compartment and a zippered compartment keeps all business documents crisp and clean. Side pouches give me place to stow an umbrella and a bottle of water, perfect when on the move between client meetings and trips to and from the office while the front compartment has further divisions, giving me a place to store keys, coins and other odds and ends that would normally travel in my pockets, keeping the personal clutter to a minimum at all times!


The Day-Tripper Backpack

The office backpack of Monday to Friday earns its rest days, hanging comfortably from a hook on my living room wall. Cue my weekend-warrior backpack that is essentially my go for any occasion or event on the weekends! This backpack follows me everywhere when I’m not at work because its sturdy, comfortable and lightweight, allowing me to carry whatever I need with ease, whether I’m going urban exploring, or getting my boots on the ground exploring a new city or event! Compact on the outside and spacious on the inside, I can fit almost anything I want in to the massive main compartment and keep small items and knick-knacks in the outer compartments where I can find them with ease.

The Woodland Weekender Backpack

Sometimes, things just get to be overwhelming at work and at the office and when I hang up the backpack of the moment, I want to head out in to the rugged wilderness. I reach for my Woodland Weekender backpack. This one is great for the outdoors. Large and roomy enough for everything I need with the added bonuses of having padded shoulder straps and back support for those uphill climbs as well as being water resistant so that everything stays dry in the rain – even if I don’t! the material is also puncture resistant meaning I can hike without worrying about something hooking, snagging or tearing my backpack apart!


The Bug Out Backpack

The B.O.B or Bug Out Backpack. This is the one that stays packed at the foot of my closet and ready at a moments’ notice. This is the bag I grab when the “big one” or a Zombie Apocalypse hits and I’m going to have to make like an urban survivor from The Walking Dead. This backpack is made from high quality materials that are cut and puncture resistant as well as waterproof so that my gear will stay dry and usable. The well-padded shoulder straps and back supports completed with a waist belt to help distribute the weight and keep the entire backpack snug and sited comfortably so that I can literally run for it when I have to!


The Lady Backpack

For the lady on the night out to paint the town red, nothing beats the small sized, classy and sophisticated basic black leather backpack! This small but functional and practical backpack was a hit when I purchased it as gift from a female friend who was looking for something that would go well on a night out. Its large enough to hold all of the day-to-day or rather day-to-night essentials that a lady might need! If it works for her, it should work for any guy looking to buy a lady a backpack to help party the night away!

So, those are four backpacks that I always have packed and at the ready. It’s how I stay prepared for whatever life might throw at me! Grab your gear and starting packing those backpacks at ezbuy so that you are always ready and always prepared!

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