How to Prepare for A Smooth Sailing Travel ?

UGH” you internally sigh as you remember that you had yet another flight to get on next weekend. Whether it’s a visit back home, work related issues, a concert you cannot miss, your friend’s wedding, spring break, or simply fulfilling your wanderlust. For whatever reasons you may find yourself jetting from one place to another, the ability to travel and see the world -on textbook-, is great because of the potential exposure to the different cultures and people that you will receive. I love that every time I visit home, I can’t help but notice small changes in my city albeit it not even been a whole year.

As the famous Mark Twain once said: ‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.

We couldn’t agree more, but in reality getting there can be the least favorite part of anyone’s trip.  The sheer thought of going through immigration, customs, packing, airport traffic, long and lonely plane rides easily turns me off. But fret not, here are some simple tips to help you prepare and ensure a smooth sailing journey ahead!




Counting down to the travel date, there is one week left! Are you travelling somewhere familiar? Have you dealt with accommodation and contacted friends or family? Perhaps you are travelling somewhere new. Do ample research, from hotel location to the places you may want to visit all of which should be jotted down. Start planning out your itinerary to prevent any delays, waste of time, or confusion during your trip. In fact, you shouldn’t wait till its a week left to go to get started.



Can’t really do anything without any cash. Make sure you exchange cash to the currency of the country you will be travelling too beforehand. This ensures that you will be able to pick up anything you need at the airport (i.e, food, sim card, cab to the hotel/home) with ease. As someone who travels frequently, I’m sure this is rather routine in your travel preparations.




Note that packing has been respectfully separated into two categories. Whether you’re someone who packs -God forbid- the night before your travel date, or a whole week before, it is essential that we pack with efficiency. The size and quantity of travel luggages should vary according to your trip. If you’re going back home you might be travelling there with big empty luggages and travelling back with them full of things your mom has shoved in. Holidays require one lugagge and one carry on, packed with some excess space for shopping of course! Make a mental note of what you’ll need for the particular travel, and don’t forget your travel organizers and luggage tags.




Once we have gathered the exoskeleton, you fill up the body bag. Pack your luggage with needs and not wants. Remember that most of the time you really need a lot less than you want. Going with less also means you have more space for souvenirs on the way back! Essentials and important things go in the carry on. Get organized with travel storage bags and pouches. Be vary about putting liquids in your bags or carry on too. Having going through immigration to throw away half a bottle of your favourite perfume is not a good way to start a trip.



Today’s the day! Make sure you have the day strategically planned out. Like getting yourself an Uber to get to the airport, keeping in mind traffic and cancelling out possibility of any potential delays. Are you flying international or domestic? Be sure you are heading to the correct airport terminal. Have you got your boarding passes ready? Most importantly, don’t forget your passport and to lock up your home on your way out.



Make sure you have everything you need in view. It is highly recommended that you get yourself a passport holder. This way you can have your passport, boarding pass, and important ID’s, loose change all in one place. As opposed to scattered all over your bags, or sticking out the back of your jean pocket. Make sure that any electronic devices you have is already at hand, as you can’t have them on you or in your bag as you go through the million security points at immigration. Don’t forget your belonging after passing security points, I have lost my boarding pass this way once. It wasn’t fun.



Congratulations you’re halfway there! Flights experience can really vary depending on how long it takes to get to your destination. While a 2 hour flight might be smooth sailing with the aid of in flight movies and airplane beverages, a 8 hour flight can be a completely different story. Think about getting yourself a good book for the flight or your own headphones to make the inflight movie experience a little better. If you have difficulty sleeping, air hostesses will be more than happy to get you a blanket to add comfort to your flying experience.



Touchdown! You have finally made it to your destination. If you’re travelling around on familiar soil then you might feel a little more at ease about everything. However, if in new waters opt to take your hotel’s business card in case you get lost touring the new city.


Hopefully the tips provided above were useful to you in your preparation, have a few tips of your own? Share with us in the comments below!

For all your travel needs, be sure to head on to and check out our travel essentials guide. Safe travels ~ !

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