Top Travel Accessory for Different Type of Travelers!

There are many types of travelers and each has its own purpose and interest when it comes to traveling. Whether you are on your honeymoon, on a study break, a self-discovery trip or even a business trip, we’ve come up with ONE travel accessory that we believe every traveler of that particular category should have to ensure that they get the best of their holidays stress-free!

For Business Travelers : Universal Adapter


If you’re a businessman on a business trip, we’re more than certain that your phone, tablet or laptop is the key to all your business communications. You’re probably typing an urgent email to your client or even preparing slides for that project pitching happening in an hour time but have you ever imagined what would happen if your battery is running low and your plugs simple doesn’t match any of the plug points? Oh the horror! Lucky for you, you practice carrying your very own universal adapter that not only is suitable for every country; it even comes with USB functions as well! Talk about handy!

For  Solo Traveler : Self-defense Personal Alarm


Safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to traveling especially if you enjoy solo discovery of foreign countries. It can be dangerous when you’re at an unfamiliar place whether you are male or female. Often, solo traveler are targeted for crime and when such incident takes place, the best thing for you to do is to attract as much attention in order to call for help. A self-defense alarm is the best travel accessory a traveler could ever have as it releases a loud alarm that will bound to attract all the attention you need in times of emergencies.

For  Adventure Seekers : Go-Pro


What’s an adventure without a Go-pro to film and tabulate your every moment? Whether you’re cliff diving, skateboarding, bungee jumping or even driving an ATV, having a go-pro allows you to capture every moment of your adventure in HD (high definition) so that you can relive the moments anytime, anywhere! In fact, with this set of special 20-in-1 Go-Pro accessory in hand, you can take filming your adventures to the next level! A definite must-have if you ask me!

For Family Holidays : Portable Potty


If you’re a parent going on holiday with your kids, you would know that nature calls can sometimes be very frustrating. When a child needs to use the toilet, they NEED to use the toilet! Unlike adults, children aren’t able to fully control their bladder and bowel. However, when you’re stuck in places where the toilet is dysfunctional or at an unhygienic condition, you may think twice about letting your child use the loo. To solve this problem, we highly recommend parents to carry around a portable potty! Not only is it convenient, it’s also clean and exceptionally easy to clean! No more worries, no more hassle when you little toddler have to go potty!


Here are the tips of top Travel Accessories for different travelers ! Visit now to browse more.

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