Travel Essentials: 12 Must-Bring Items to Pack For Your Travel

There is no turning back when the travel bugs bite you. You will be infected with constant wanderlust which can only be cured by travelling. There is nothing more exciting than discovering new places, meeting new people and exploring foreign terrains. Yet before the adventure even begins, you must have to face the arduous task every traveler has to face before travelling – packing!While there is no exact rule as to what kind of clothes that you must pack (as long as it is comfy and hassle-free), there are certain items which are considered as absolute nitty-gritty during your travel. Here at

While there is no exact rule as to what kind of clothes that you must pack (as long as it is comfy and hassle-free), there are certain items which are considered as absolute nitty-gritty during your travel. Here at, we list down 12 must-bring essentials for you to pack before travel:

1) Important Documents

Please bring important documents along. This includes photocopies of your passport, driving license and travel insurance. The first two pages of your passport must be photocopied in colour. It will come in handy if you ever lose your passport (although we pray it won’t happen!) so you can ease up the process to get a replacement at your country’s embassy. Just keep two passport photos with you as well, just in case.

2) Documents Holder

Well, once you get all the important documents ready, you will need a proper document holder to place all your travel documents together. These documents are not limited to the ones mentioned before. You can also have another passport holder or fit in other travel documents such as passport, boarding pass, hotel details, maps, itinerary and others to make it easier for you to man-oeuvre your way in foreign countries.


3) Zipper Plastic Bags

Zipper plastic bags are great items for organizing your backpack. They are the absolute must haves during your travel. You can use it to pack damp clothes and toiletries or you can use it to store chargers, phones, medication and more. You name it! Use it to pack all those tiny items you afraid might lose beneath the bundles of clothes in your backpack. It makes your packing and accessing these items much easier.


4) Medicine & Tablets

Whether it is a bottle of aspirin to ease your headache or a few tablets of painkiller to ease your pain, bring all the necessary medicine and tablets for the emergency occasion. If you are taking specific prescriptions or supplement, place all those pills together in a pill case so you won’t risk losing it along the way.

5) Mini First-Aid Kit

Believe me, you will need a mini first-aid kit. When the worst-case scenarios happen, you will not be having the time (or idea) to rush your way to the nearest drugstore to get all the necessities. So it is much more convenient if you prepare a mini first-aid kit for an emergency like this. A simple box of plasters, scissors, iodine and all the pill case to store your medicine are all you need for the kit.

6) Mini Sewing Kit

I know you will be wondering, why on earth do I need sewing kits for? Well, I tell what you what. You will never know when your buttons need sewing or your pant decides to rip itself apart, leaving you with a pair of skirts right before you do a bungee jumping in New Zealand. Better be prepared, you will never know when you will need a needle and thread to do a little mending.

7) A Pen & A Notebook

A working inexpensive pen works wonder especially when it is time for you to fill out forms and customs. If you are at home or at the office, a pen is always available but not everyone brings a pen during their travel. You’ll save the hassle to probe other travelers or the officers for the extra pen.

Bring a notebook to jot down important things and information. Although you can always use your phone to save important notes but it isn’t the most reliable when it runs out of battery. So keep a notebook for that. You can also use it as a travelling journal.

8) Magazine or Book

As you already know, your phone will not able to be there for you 24/7. There will be times when it goes dead and you frantically needs to find a place to charge it. If you have a place to charge it, well then, lucky you. If, however, you are a bit unfortunate, a magazine and a good book will always be a reliable companion. Plus, travelling is for you to escape from the noises of the city and achieve silence that is otherwise impossible to achieve in the digital age. Shutting off your phone and reading a book to kill your time before you board the next flight will give you just that. So, next time you travel, shove a book inside your carry on.

9) Padlock

A padlock is another item to bring during your travel. If you are a backpacker who usually uses hostel or dorm as your lodging, you will need your own lock to keep your possessions safe in the hostel lockers. You can also use it to lock your backpack or suitcase. There is no harm in the extra security measure. You will no longer need to be worried of any pit pockets snatching away your valuables while you are busy bargaining for an intricate item at a market.

10) Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Wipes

Yes, hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes are not only for the clean freak out there. The next time you catch on germs during your travel, you will be sorry for not bringing these items in the first place. Hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes are definite essentials during your travel. After all, not all public toilets are squeaky clean!


11) Flip Flops

Aside from the shoes that you will wear all the time during your travel, flip flops can be very useful especially if you are planning to have a vacation on the beach. You can also wear it while strolling along local markets to give your feet a breath of fresh air.  Other than that, you can use them during your shower or while inside a hostel room.

12) Universal Adapter

It is curious why human beings cannot find a consensus when it comes to small thing such as an electrical socket. Sometimes I wonder, if we can agree on this thing, surely we can agree on a lot more other things that separate us as human? Anyway, bring along a universal adapter. Each country uses different electrical sockets. I am sure you do not want to end up crying in a hotel room just because your phone and camera cannot be charged on the electrical socket.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s pack up! Your next adventure awaits you.

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