How to Plan A Malay Wedding Without Hurting Your Bank Account ?

Wedding, wedding, wedding! Despite the whole hype we got from the wedding, let’s admit it, wedding IS a big step. It deserves to be hyped about. Since it basically marks a whole new phase of life, you got to start with a bang, aren’t you? Well, if you are born with abundant of wealth, surely planning a grand wedding of your dream is no biggie. However, for others, it might cause a headache. Money is an issue when planning a wedding but who says that a wedding needs to be grand for it to be memorable? Here is how you can plan your Malay wedding without hurting your bank account.

1) Hantaran (Trays of Gifts)

Hantaran is trays of gifts exchanged between the bride and the groom during the akad (solemnization). The quantities of trays exchanged during the akad vary but it is usually in odd number with the bride giving more than the groom’s side. Say, the groom gives 5 dulang of hantaran, the bride will exchange them with 7 dulang of hantaran. While there is no limit as to how many trays of gifts that you want to offer (really, you can give 21 dulang if you want), you can always keep the number to minimal.


2)Hantaran Items

The gifts which you intend to give to each other can literally be anything. Some couple may be willing to splurge on thousands of ringgit worth of jewellery or even Sony PlayStation 4 with complimentary CD as their gifts. Here’s a tip: Keep the gift simple and cheap. Buy your hantaran items on sale or online. For the groom, you can buy loafers and ball pen. While for the bride, buy a handbag and makeup.


3)Hantaran Décor & Arrangement

So, you got your hantaran items covered. Now, come the part where you need to decorate the tray. You may opt to hire somebody to decorate the hantaran, which may cost you around a hundred or two per tray (yelps!), or you may decorate it yourself. All you need to have are trays, flowers and ribbons.


4) Hand Bouquet

Holding a hand bouquet is not originally in Malay customs but nobody can deny that a bride looks sweeter with a bouquet in her hand. A flower arrangement can be expensive especially when they know that you will use it for your special day. The other options you can have are to rent or d-i-y a bouquet of your own. You can buy the artificial flowers  and ribbon for the arrangement online for a cheaper price.

5) Photo Booth

During the old days, our father and mother are thankful enough if they manage to save some photos during their wedding. Nowadays, it is very common among couples to hire professional photographers and videographers to capture their best moments. As if that isn’t enough, some also prefer to rent a photo booth so both the guest and host can have a photo during the day for a keepsake. You may skip the photo booth altogether if you are on a tight budget but if you still want a photo booth, you can set up a d-i-y photo booth and install an Instant camera for guest to snap their pictures. You can buy some backdrop and props for the photo booth online.


6) Guest Book

Guest book is not compulsory in a wedding but more and more couples are doing it to have something to keep as a memory for their big day. Instead of hiring somebody to do the guest book for you, you can create your own quest book using coloured papers and strings. If you are not keen on doing a simple craft, you can try using other alternatives such as this wooden heart and tree frame guestbook as a replacement for the regular guest book.

7) Pelamin (Wedding Dais)

Pelamin can be very expensive, depending on vendors and the theme you are looking for. You can save up a few thousand on pelamin alone if you opt to decorate your own pelamin. If you are on the creative side, decorating your own pelamin can be a handy and exciting project for you. You can have flowers, draped cloth, or dreamy lighting fixtures as the backdrop. Get a nice looking couch, a few intricate floral arrangements and decorative ornaments and you are good to go.


8) Centre Piece & Additional Decorations

While these items look small, it can make or break the whole outlook of your wedding. Centre piece and other additional decorations can be done by your own instead of hiring a professional. You can have a nice centrepiece by arranging a frame with a flower in a clear vase on each table. While for the seating arrangement, you can add extra ribbons and props to mark the couple’s chairs.

9) Door gifts/ Favours

Wedding favours are given to each guest as a token of appreciation from the couple to the ones who came to their precious day. When it comes to door gifts, there is one golden rule a couple needs to adhere – always keep your door gifts simple. If you already have the items that you want to give but do not have a package to come with it, you can find a few selections online at Try not to spend too much on the packaging alone as it will end up in the rubbish bin after they devour the item inside it of course.


10) Other Budget-friendly Tips

There are many others ways where you can plan a memorable and budget-friendly wedding. You can do the wedding at your home, where you will not have to worry about expensive rates or having to book in advance. Plus you will have plenty of time to do the deco. Some couples also prefer to combine their reception ceremony and split the cost into halves. You can also find ready-made wedding attire instead of tailor-made a new one. After all, you only will wear your wedding gown once and it is less likely you will ever wear it on any other occasion, not even your company dinner. Believe me.


Planning a wedding is one of the best parts of getting married. In fact, there are times when you wish to rewind the whole experience once the wedding is over. Trust me. You might not see it while you are still in the midst of planning because you are busy trying to crunch your budget wherever possible. Nevertheless, once you settle in, you will realize how exciting the whole journey has been. So, enjoy while it last!

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