Wedding Saving Tips – 8 Ways to Have a Wedding on a Budget

I’m sure the first few things that comes to mind when anyone mentions the word wedding is big, white, grand and romantic. However, not everyone can afford majestic themed weddings because when you tally everything up–it can be quite costly. From flowers to food to photographers to entertainment and wedding invitations, it would seem like the list of expenditure is never-ending.

Luckily for you, I’ve discovered 8 ways to have your dream wedding on a budget!

One of the few things that top the charts in terms of wedding expenses is the venue itself. Depending on the how big the guest list, one can always opt for a garden wedding, an Airbnb rental or a simple recreational hall which are all more affordable options.

In my opinion, the key to an aesthetically pleasing venue comes down to the decorations. Here are a few examples of beautifully decorated garden weddings that may look lavish and expensive –but can totally be done on a budget:


The key decoration to illuminate the venue with a radiant, glowy, fairytale effect would be with added lights. Buying your own fairy lights and customizing them around tree branches, railings and even chairs can add a unique flare to the whole place.

Helium Balloons

Balloons generally tend to uplift the atmosphere –quite literally and figuratively. Having a few cute helium balloons flying around with his/her names or a cute catchphrase will surely add some brownie points towards your overall wedding look. (Also ridiculously cheap!)


A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without beautiful flowers paraded around. Unfortunately, flowers tend to be one of the most expensive wedding décor, and most of the time they don’t last very long either. A cheaper and still magnificent looking alternative would be to buy satin-flowers or artificial bouquets. This way, you won’t have to worry about them wilting and it’d be less of a burden on your budget.

Chair Décor

Many may fail to understand the importance of chair decoration. It’s the glue that holds your wedding theme in place, whatever it may be. There are many variations as to how you can use your creativity to spice up those chairs. Common options would be fabric sashes, flower crowns and also chair covers for a simple minimalistic look. Below are some of the options:

Wedding Invitations

“Save the date” invitations are one of the first things you should be planning prior to the wedding. To truly save cost, there is always the option of an e-vite; but if you’re inclined to holding on to good old fashioned paper invites I’d suggest investing in some quirky stationeries! Instead of spending money printing all those cards, designing it yourself would give your wedding invitation a much more personal feel. However, this may not be favourable for all as it will take a lot of time and effort. Below are some items that would make your paper invitation a touch more magical:

Photobooth Backdrop

Renting an actual photo booth may be a little out of your price range if you’re planning a budget wedding, alas that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise! If you have a polaroid camera lying around now would be the time to put it to good use. The other few things needed to make your personalized photo booth complete, is the stunning backdrop and props. For the backdrop, you could just use or buy a large portion of fabric (that would look good in photos of course) and brace it up against an empty wall.

Table Décor

I saved table decorations as one of the final ones on this comprehensive list because there is so much thought that goes into it. From flower arrangements to tea lights to table runners (or linens?) to wedding favours and place settings, it’s a colossal workload. The kind of decorations you set on the table may vary depending on your wedding theme, so below I will include some of the more inexpensive options:

Wedding Gown & Veil

Ah, at last we have reached the final and most important item on our list; the wedding gown. In this day and age, it’s more common for brides to simply rent their gowns as compared to purchasing them. For one, it’s exceedingly expensive to buy; and secondly, there’s a very high probability the dress will just be collecting dust in your closet. However, even when rented wedding gowns can average to about RM500 per night. Listed below in the pictures are links to wedding gowns at extremely affordable prices –some even less than RM100 to buy. Although you may have to compromise a little on quality, essentially you would be saving big bucks.


I will end this article on a clichéd note; as grand of a commodity as weddings are; at the end of the day a wedding is about promising to the world you want to spend the rest of your life with one person. Yes, having fancy flowers and placemats will undoubtedly make your big day more beautiful. Nevertheless, when you look back as long as you were surrounded by the people you love and cherish in your life it would have been an unforgettable day.


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