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5 Casings to Complement your Sexy S7 Edge

Let’s face it – curves are sexy. Those deep and luscious bends towards the edges, arching ever so teasingly to form a sensual back-line, almost inviting you to trace the outline lovingly with your fingers… oh my.

We are referring, of course, to Samsung’s much-celebrated Galaxy S7 Edge – a phone that still tops plenty of “best smartphone” lists in 2017. The curves on the device are to die for, but they forced many fans to contend with an unexpected problem: how the heck do you contain them? Now, there are plenty of reasons to want to cover the phone up: protection, style, modesty (those curves are haram, bro!) … but until recently, it was fairly difficult to get casings that could provide a snug fit for the S7 Edge, thanks to its unconventional shape.

Thankfully, manufacturers have been quick to adapt, designing casings that range from the cute and cuddly to the downright bizarre. Without further ado, here are some of the more stylishly interesting phone casings for your beloved curvaceous smartphone.



Most people buy phone casings to protect the shiny new gadget they just bought – which makes sense, since smartphones tend to cost an arm or two these days. Your S7 Edge is no exception; it may be ridiculously pretty, but it has a vulnerable heart and may occasionally attempt suicide by launching itself down a gravelly sidewalk. Point is, that phone needs protection!

So to start things off, we’ll go with Spigen’s Carbon Fibre Case – a sleek and durable suit of armor that doesn’t compromise style for protection. Best of all: it won’t cost you an additional limb. Sure, you could go for silicone casings that cost way cheaper, but those tend to look tacky and aren’t always reliable. Spigen, on the other hand, is a brand that consistently offers quality accessories that also happen to make you look badass.



Protection may be important, but so is practicality. Perhaps you are more of an everyday-man/woman who is used to a certain routine at the office and to having your pockets filled with necessities such as wallets, card holders, and smartphones. If only there was a way to combine all three into a single object that can be carried around with ease without making you look silly…

Enter Goospery’s Mansoor Diary Wallet, a combination of all three that can be carried around with ease without making you look silly. It’s perfect for those looking for a balance between classy looks and practicality for their S7 Edge. Take note, however, that the clamshell casing inside the wallet-like exterior will wrap around your phone’s beautiful curves and cover them up, which is a shame – but then again, practicality and all that. Nevertheless, if Goospery’s offering doesn’t appeal to you, there are more out there that may.



Of course, sooner or later most of us realize that phone casings aren’t really about either protection or practicality – in few months’ time, many will inevitably start tossing their expensive smartphones all over the place, regardless of casing. You get tired of looking at the same thing over and over again. We understand. But what if your smartphone’s casing is so stupidly pretty to look at that you want to spend the rest of your life with it and never want to part ways ever again?

That’s exactly what you’ll be getting with Lord of the Wind’s Grinding Sand Shell, which features gorgeously detailed artwork of trippy looking animals. There is plenty to admire here: the popping colors, the hypnotizing patterns, the clean lines, the feeling that you might have inadvertently embarked on an impromptu acid trip… it’s easily one of the more aesthetically-pleasing casings for your S7 Edge out there.



“Hey, you promised cute and cuddly! I WANT MY CUTE AND CUDDLY!”. Yes, so we did, and yes, so you shall get. Cute casings have been huge with the general population since mobile phones first gained mass popularity – we’ve had dainty flower-patterned casings, casings with adorable prints of our favorite fictional characters, casings with cats, and even more cats

But none have prepared us what was to come: a plush bunny literally strapped to the back of your S7 Edge. This is the aptly-named Plush Doll Bunny Mobile Shell, a phone casing that takes cuteness to whole new levels. Aside from being fluffy and pet-able, it can also rotate a full 360 degrees (which is good, since it blocks the camera when left in its normal position). It’s definitely cute, but it also comes with amazing possibilities. Imagine going to work, casually dropping your bunny phone on the floor, and smirking as your co-workers gather around you in a panic. “It’s okay,” you reassure them with a toothy smile, “this carrot break one.”



Sometimes, phone casing manufacturers try to do something innovative. In many cases, they turn out pretty gimmicky and do not add to the actual value of said casing. The S7 Edge in your hands is a proud and beautiful piece of electronic gadgetry; surely it deserves something that is both unique and non-redundant!

Introducing the Anti-Gravity Shell – the shell that lets your smartphone stick to surfaces like Spidey up there (though we aren’t able to confirm if it has web-slinging abilities as well). Consider the many situations where you’d like, for once, to not have to hold your phone up. Imagine sticking it against a wall so you can check yourself out in its front-view camera, do your make-up, watch a movie, review a cooking recipe, and so on… all while being completely hands-free. Of course, you could just force someone else to hold your smartphone for you instead, but that’s decidedly more evil.

These are just a tiny selection of casings available for your S7 Edge – you’ll find cooler and wackier ones at ezbuy.

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