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5 Electronic Items that are Cheaper and Faster from ezbuy than Amazon

Electronics and new technology are the pride of modern times. Whether it an entirely new phone or just an electronic accessory to compliment your new phone or computer, everyone wants a piece of technology. Luckily for you, we have it all here. To add more to one’s delight, the electronic items we have are not only good quality items, but they are delivered fast and cheap. This article we feature 5 electronic items sold at ezbuy which are cheaper and faster to ship compared to one of the biggest online e-commerce site in the entire world, Amazon.


1) Spigen Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the latest and one of the best phones on the market right now. Having a screen protector for it is more than essential when it comes to protecting one’s phone. Here, we sell it for RM 38. The best thing about ezbuy is that if we have an order within Malaysia or if you shop at our local marketplace, the shipment is absolutely free. Therefore the total cost of this screen protector is only RM 38.

Comparing this to Amazon, this item is available brand new for $8. The minimum shipping rate for Amazon is $4 unless more shipping is specified. This adds up the screen protector to a rate of $12 which is about RM 50. Not only that but it is specified that the shipment could very well arrive after 30 days whereas it is much faster should you choose to shop with us.

2) Digital Drawing Board

This children’s tablet is quite state of the art. It is an environmentally friendly white/chalkboard which can be used over and over again without wasting any materials. Available on our site as part of a featured sale, this digital drawing board will only set you back RM 66.62 in total.  It is also available for free shipping within Malaysia.

The exact same tablet is being sold at Amazon for $14. With their bare minimum shipping cost of $4.99 this entire deal is just under $19 which is nearly RM 80 when converted. That is still quite expensive even if they are relatively longer shipping duration is not added to this equation.


3) Screaming Meanie TZ-220 Alarm Clock

This unique piece of technology claims to be the world’s loudest alarm clock. Non-conventional items like these are typically more expensive than the norm as they are. For sale at our website at RM 166.62, price also includes free shipping provided by us. Now, that’s a bargain!

On Amazon this clock is being sold at $31 not inclusive of shipping costs of course! Additionally, shipping will be charged at $15.77 due to Malaysia import fees.

Thus, expect to pay $46.76 or RM 196.56 for this alarm clock should you shop with Amazon.

4) Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

This unique keyboard can be applied to a tablet or it can be used through Bluetooth for other devices. It foldable function with jelly comb not only makes it conveniently portable but durable as well.

All folded up this keyboard can fit right into any tablet case or small bag. Here on our website this product is being sold in a beautiful white colour for just RM 142.81. That is quite the catch since technology pieces like these are often costly.

This keyboard is also available on Amazon at $30 with similar features but a different colourway. However, with import charges and shipping charges at $16.26, you will need to fork out $46.26 which amounts to RM 194.45. That is easily RM 50 more expensive with a much longer delivery duration expected.

5) Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Last but certainly not least are very red and very stylish piece of headphones sold at our website for RM 161.86. Mpow is quite the known brand so these are sure to be good headphones. Of course this includes free shipping for people in Malaysia.

In Amazon this product is being sold for $37. There is no import charge for it, so standard shipping at $4.99 is applied here. This totals the cost to $42 and a whopping RM 176.65. While that isn’t incredibly high compared to our price but it will certainly take relatively longer for you to ship over direct from Amazon.


With that, we hope you gained some insights to shopping online and globally. For all your overseas purchases and shopping be sure to shop & save with us at ezbuy! Your No.1 Global Shopping Platform in Malaysia.


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