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Dress To Impress For Your Next Job Interview

Are you currently out job hunting or scheduled to attend an interview soon? Whichever the case it may be, it’s worth noting that first impressions do matter and also a major contributing factor to you potentially securing that dream job. How you dress and present yourself provides a reflection of oneself and a hint of your character and attitude to the interviewer. Hence, a well groomed individual showing up for an interview clearly indicates respect and thoughtfulness among other positive traits.

Additionally, it is often said that knowing what to wear and dressing up well is “half the battle of the interview itself“.


Putting on a yellow coat with bright red shirt will most certainly put you in the Clown Department. Are you even in the right department?


How about shoes? Which shoes do you choose? Is flats even possible in the first impression system? Does stiletto fit the cut for “the day?”



Need a few pointers? Here are a few tips to help you dress for success!

Dress to Impress Chapter 1: Business Dress Code Basics

First of all, dress professionally, ideally dark & neutral colors. I’m sure you don’t have the intention to make your interviewer to be blind by a bright yellow dress or tie. What we meant by ideally dark & neutral colors. Try to mix & match according to the RULE BOOK! In addition, make sure your clothes are appropriate such as provocative nature clothes – it’s an interview, not a date!

For Men: Suit up! A classic suit, one that fits you well and will help you fit in is always a safe bet. Make sure your outfit is of the right fit and figure, you do not want loose fitting clothing as it makes one look sloppy. If a suit isn’t necessary, go business casual with a nice long sleeve shirt and long pants with covered shorts. 



For Women: Work on your charm! Unlike men, suiting up is not our jammed. Choose work outfits according to your size and fit but not too tight will show more professionalism. High heels “IS A MUST” look stylish and more confident!




Dress to Impress Chapter 2: Tone Down On The Sparkle


Avoid excessive or over the top jewelry. Why? Well fellow readers, the reason is simple – IT’S A DISTRACTION. You certainly wouldn’t want to lose the attention of your interviewer as you are listing out your great skill sets, work abilities and achievements right? Dress to impress and accessorize, but don’t go overboard. Be simple but full of charisma to ‘hack’ your way into a great company.



Dress to Impress Chapter 3: Laundry – Iron It Out

It is extremely important to remember to iron your outfit. Ironing is a chore many of us avoid but when it comes to interviews it is extremely important to remember to iron your outfit. Wrinkly clothes are definitely A NO-NO and does not bode well on your first impression, let alone your character and discipline. Iron your outfit ahead of your interview, don’t leave it till the last minute. Who knows,  you might be melting your favorite trousers or making a sexy hole to your brand new shirt! Check out our Local Marketplace for steam irons and a wide range of home appliances.



Dress to Impress Chapter 4: Have A Practice Run

Make sure your clothes do you justice. The worse thing is wearing an item of clothing which is too small. This make you feel awkward and it’s definitely not comfy, and… you can’t sit or be your best during the interview while you are not comfortable! Just remember, if it’s not comfortable it’s not right.


Dress to Impress Chapter 5: Pay Attention To Details

It may be L-I-T-T-L-E, but this little things such as personal hygiene or wearing the right socks can ruin all your chances of getting employed! Make sure you double check everything.

So remember to:

  • Trim your nails, make sure it is neat & clean. 
  • Choose the correct shoe color. Don’t drown yourself to pick ugly sloppy colors to the interview! Make sure your shoes match your best outfit.
  • For the Men: Choose your socks wisely. DO NOT wear cartoony socks, go for neutral or dark colors.
  • For the Ladies: Make sure your tights are not laddered. Carry a spare pair just in case it might get ripped or you punch a hole on the way to the interview.


Image result for ripped panty hoseSource


And last but not least, Prepare your nerves !

It’s normal to get nervous on the day of your interview or even in the lead up to the day.  Be sure to make adequate preparation for this to avoid giving yourself additional pressure and stress at crunch time. Go through your ‘script’ a few times in front of the mirror or practice with a friend. Make proper arrangements and ensure you arrive at your interview location early so that there are time allowances for you to gather your thoughts and prime yourself. Oh, walk into the interview with fresh breath. Avoid sucking on a mint or chewing gum during the interview. If you are a smoker, avoid smoking at all before the interview. 

Image result for no smoking sign faceSource


In summary, dressing up for an interview is just as important and if not, similar to when dressing up for a date. Do pay attention to the details as you want to feel as comfortable as possible to be able to exude confidence and also your best impression.

Good luck, we hope you find these tips useful for your next interview!


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