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You Are What You Wear ! – Add a Dash of Colour to your Outfits

Have you ever wondered how the colour of your outfits plays a role in your daily interactions which includes first impressions? Aside from the type of clothes you put on, whether you’re wearing a power suit to work, a hipster pants and shirt for a stroll around town or an eye-catching gown for a charity ball, the colour you pick tells a lot about yourself to the on-lookers. Why not find out what they mean and make great impressions consciously!


Red is a passionate colour that not only screams sexy, it is stimulating and bold. Wearing red has the ability to make people’s heart beat faster as it exudes power and excitement thus it’s a great colour to put on if you have plans to attract attention. If I’m going to be around my crush, I’d definitely want to be wearing red.


The colour blue in itself has a calming effect as it exudes a feeling of serenity. People who are wearing blue usually give off the impression that they are intelligent and know exactly what they are doing! The perfect colour when you are making a business pitch to your clients and investors!


When I think of pink, I think of romance. It is a colour that tends to give off a feeling of warmth, kindness and love while bringing out your inner femininity. Going out of a date? Throw on something pink and allow the magic to take place as your feminine charm is raised!



Going out on a road trip with your friends? Why not put on something orange! Not only is orange a joyful colour, it represents creativity, confidence and ambition. If you’re looking for an adventure, you’ll be surprise how wearing orange would boost up your “YOLO” spirit!


Have you ever heard of the saying that goes, “Where there is light, darkness flees away”? It’s surprising how much truth there is in that saying that it can even be incorporated with fashion. If you’ve been feeling down over the past few days, having a hint of yellow in your outfit would definitely brighten up your day! Happy days are coming your way!


Green is a colour that allows you to see things in a different perspective. It also gives off a feeling of freshness and suggests abundance, luck and balance. When life is throwing you off foot with all its complications, wear green! It’ll help you feel more grounded, calm and in control.


Professionalism often always comes in the color black and that is because the colour itself exudes power, elegance and discipline. Wearing black will never go wrong in the business world and helps gives off an authoritative impression to the people around you. If its not black, put it back!


Have you ever noticed that when you are wearing white, you often feel more optimistic and at peace? This is simply because white outfits have the ability to project purity, safety and strength. In fact, if the people surrounding you are full of dramas, white genuinely neutralizes that energy and gives off a neutral vibe.


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