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How To Get Bikini Ready ?

Yes, we get it, swimsuit season is the most stressful of all. We all want to get that perfectly toned body with no flabs on our arms or belly. It’s not an easy feat to slip into that swimsuit and confidently strut down the beach. You need a colossal amount of confidence, the right swimwear, and the confidence to rock it.

Getting bikini ready is not just getting the perfect body, it’s also about accepting yourself, your flaws, and flaunting your swimwear with utmost confidence when you hit the beach.

So fret not, we have got some tips for you on how you can be bikini ready when it’s time to hit the beach!

Buy your ideal swimwear

That’s right, the first step is to go shopping! We usually find it difficult to commit to something unless money is involved, which is why step 1 requires you to go out and get your ideal swimwear. Go out and scout a few places, check out different stores and find that ideal swimsuit. And then buy it!

Once you’ve invested money in your swimwear and you picture just how cute and fabulous you will look in it, you will waste no time getting to work. Visualization is a powerful tool!

Hit the gym

Yeah baby, there isn’t any shortcut to this, unfortunately. Depending on how much time you have left –before you’re supposed to hit your bikini body goal–you can tailor your workout accordingly.

Yoga is great for toning, but at the same time you need lift those weights to really annihilate those fats and flabs. To make your workout more effective, pair cardio with weights.

If going to the gym is not your thing, or you just don’t have the time or the transport, it can still be done. There are plenty of easy workout videos available on the internet that you can easily follow at home. You can also buy a few dumbbells according to the weight that you’re comfortable with.  Zumba or any dance aerobics are great for cardio, and you can pair the workout with your weights at home.

Watch your mouth

There is absolutely no point in paying for that monthly gym membership or diligently working out at home doing your weights and cardio if you’re just going to stuff your body with garbage. As the saying goes, and you’ve probably heard it a million times, you are what you eat.

The golden rule is to take your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. This is because your body burns more energy during the day than it does at night, so it advisable to have a heavier meal during the day.

Go ahead with your usual breakfast and lunch routine, have your dinner by 6pm at the very latest. The later  you take your dinner, the longer your body takes to process it, and the excess will be stored as fat.

Also, remember to stay away from anything fried, always swap for grill instead.

Water is your best friend


Some people drink water to make themselves full so they don’t feel the urge to eat. But that’s not what we’re going for. Although, sometimes when your hunger pangs strike, you’re actually just thirsty and not hungry.

But having said that, water alone isn’t enough for your body, it needs other nutrients too. The reason why water is your best friend is because water helps to boost your metabolism, a huge factor maintaining your body.

Water also helps to boost your energy. And when your energy is increased, you have that extra boost during your workouts to go the extra mile. It makes sure your brain is focused and your muscles are pumped with enough oxygen and nutrient to keep you going.


Now that you’ve observed your diet and slogged the hours away at the gym, and you’re this close to getting that perfect bikini body. Remember to moisturize your skin and put on sunblock whenever you go out. Because what’s the point of working hard for the hot bikini bod if it’s going to have uneven skin tone and look wrinkled due to excessive sun exposure?



This goes without saying. You want to make sure people only focus on your swimsuit when you wear it, and don’t let them get distracted with hairy legs and anything else. So make sure not to miss your waxing appointment before you don that super-cute swimsuit you have!

Wear or fake your confidence


This is probably the most important step of all. We all have different ideas of a perfect bikini body, and it is very normal to feel self-conscious. But, look at it this way, everyone out there is going to be self-conscious about something. So why not just accept your flaws, be confident, go out and flaunt what you’ve been working so hard to achieve!

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