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Matte Mania! 5 Lipsticks You Need this Fall

Matte lipsticks are all the rage recently and it’s not difficult to see why. Long lasting, lush pigments, non-sticky and importantly they don’t run or transfer easily.  Hence, you never have to worry about leaving a stain on your cups, straws or clothes ever again. For these reasons alone it just makes sense to give matte lipsticks a try if you haven’t already done so.

At ezbuy’s USA Marketplace you can find a great range of matte lipsticks from various brands. So get your cards out and dump those glossy lipsticks girls!

Here are 5 of our best picks:


1. Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick


All the mania surrounding Kylie Jenner’s debut cosmetics line definitely had everyone intrigued! Skip the Kylie Lip Kit in Kourt K entirely; Shade 22 is a much better buy. If you’re going to buy one Kylie Cosmetics product, definitely go for the gloss. There are tons of other great options out there for long-wearing, less-drying matte lipsticks, but a good gloss is hard to find.





2. 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lipstick

Love the shade concept of this collection and was very tempted to try out the entire collection but with some self restraint just try out these fabulous colors in ezbuy lipstick department. Plenty of lip shade will blew out your mind! Matte lipstick are totally ez – ez to buy, ez to use, ez to wear & ez to maintain. You get it! Pink will never go out of date. I mean, girls, you know what pink matte lipstick can do to your daily life.

Compared to other western matte lipsticks, this is a lot less drying. Well, it won’t be matte if it doesn’t dried off.

So, how about starting to saturate your lips with the creamy, high-pigment formulas of these matte lipsticks, no re-touching required.  You will never get enough of the 3CE matte lipsticks once you try it on! Trust us!




3. Miss Rose Matte Rocks NUDITY



Its WATERPROOF & KISSPROOF! Rock your day with Miss Rose Uncontrollably  3D Mineral Lip Stick Waterproof Long-Lasting Matte! The Best seller matte with Nourishing Formula and This Season’s Hottest Colors.

Miss rose lipstick comes in different shades and colors. This shade is almost matte but there is a little shimmer in it. A perfect shimmer nudy-ish breed which pigments are in total blast. Who makes matte & shimmer! Nobody thought that it will blend well.

Textures are extraordinary. Miss Rose Matte galore, are really the new lip’s best friend. It doesn’t have those weird smell and it does not ruin your moment at any sticky situation.

When all brands are looking into some type of full pump bright colors, Miss Rose came up with all N-U-D-E colors to sexified your life! And who says nude colors are boring?


4. BBIA Velvet Matte Bean

It isn’t just any matte, it’s a good quality matte! BBIA Matte Series has extremely attractive design with fabulous red and firm cuboid like high-end products.

The lipstick’s texture is smooth, gentle and light even when you apply several layers on your lips. You will be glad to also know that it’s also odorless!

However, if your lips are often dry, apply a layer of lip balm before applying this lipstick to avoid drying your lips out since almost every matte lipstick is not good in moisturizing.






With 19 shades available, there’s bound to be one that fits you and your style! The various shades include pinks, mauves, reds, browns, and even metallic ones. Color wise these are very vivid lipsticks, and thankfully, what you see on the tube is what you get. Never a dull moment with these lippies as they go on very, very opaquely.

These are meant to be the baddest, most opaque matte lippies you’ve ever seen. This isn’t a build-able formula per se because the options you have are intense and more intense. There’s no mild setting with this product.

The most unique part about this product. It glides on like a lipstick but sets and dries into a certain state as if it were a liquid lipstick.


Isn’t this way soooooo much better than the normal lipstick you wear? All matte can last all day long, no matter how hard you try rubbing those lips with food! You can still look sexy even though you are eating your “mee goreng daging” !


So load your lips with plush, pigment-rich color choosing from various of brand new shades of Matte Lipstick—shockingly smooth lip color that glides right on and stays in place with a silky matte finish that never feels dry. Matte lipstick now are available in a range of fresh new hues, these playful pops of color are just what your everyday needs! Great lips for a smacking day! Get yours today at



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