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Top 4 Multi-functional Korean Cosmetic Product You Need In Your Makeup Pouch!

Beauty trends are constantly evolving. What’s hot yesterday may no longer be hot today and therefore we resort to buying all the latest products just stay relevant. But when exactly enough is enough? How can we keep up with the ever-changing trends without having to carry our personal make-up parlor in your handbag?

Lucky for us, the Korean cosmetic industry comes out with really innovative products that are not only beautiful when put on but they’re absolutely multi-functional too! With these few products, not only can we save cost, we no longer have to carry a ton of products that weighs like bricks in our purses.

The Ultimate 3-in-1 Functional Shadow Box


This 8-colour eye shadow box is the ultimate box of goodies you should have in your makeup pouch! Not only do you have 4 amazing metallic colours to help your eyes pop out, the other 4 basic colors serves as eyebrow powder which you can use for filling in your brows to ensure that they’re on fleek! What’s more, (and here’s the surprise) many Korean beauty artist actually uses eyebrow powder for contouring! That’s 3 functions for one product already!

CC Creams on a Stick!


If you are one of those people (just like me) that don’t quite know what CC Cream stands for, CC means colour correction! One of the best Korean cosmetic products you could ever lay hands on would definitely be these amazing Play Sticks! Why? Because most CC product usually comes separately and in liquid format. Imagine actually carrying 6 tubes of these around with you, oh the hassle! But with these, you can now color correct yourself easily and save space too! The different colors are correctors are for different problems as listed below:

Orange – For darker skin tones to hide dark circles and spots.

Yellow – Hiding purple or blue bruises, veins and under eye circles.

Green – Eliminating redness.

Blue – Reduce minor imperfections.

Purple – Eliminating yellow undertones.

Pink – Brightening and combatting dark circles.

Can Kisses Make You Blush?


Whether you’re more of a pinkish kind of girl or an all-red chick when it comes to your lips, tints are one of the best products to give you that all natural Korean look! And while your lips may be more kissable, tints can also be used as blushers! Just small dots on each cheekbone and blend! You’ll have the cutest blush that looks natural too!

I’m THE Eyeliner!


Last but not least, no makeup collection is ever complete without eyeliner. However, this ain’t just any eyeliner; it is ‘THE COLOUR LINER!’ With a selection of over 7 colours, these eyeliner can really define your eyes and make em’ look much bigger in a glamorous kinda way. Find yourself liking the colour a little more than you thought you would? Just grab a nice little blending brush and blend it to give a nice smokey eyeshadow effect!

Those are the multi function Korean cosmetic products for the modern generation. Visit ezbuy now to purchase your favourite makeup product!



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