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10 Ways To Go Green At Home

Are you tempted to make a change in your life that will not only improve the quality of your life, but also the eco-system? Well I have the clear answer for you; go green! There are so many benefits to reap that come along with this positive change besides being scientifically proven that the more lush greenery you surround yourself with, the happier your mood will be! (Along with everyone else living with you) If you think it doesn’t get better than that, to add to your cheerier mind-set you will also notice significant changes in your bank account. You’d be surprised how much of an impact changing little things in your everyday life will result in.


1. Lighting


With a beautifully decorated home, come beautifully lit chandeliers and lamps; so it’s no surprise to every home owner the expense that comes with an aesthetically lighted house. But did you know there is a way to cut your costs tremendously while simultaneously helping out the environment? CFL light bulbs are your bronze ignited answer.  Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs will save you 66% of energy and an estimate of 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions by simply changing one light bulb. Now think about how much you would save by replacing every light bulb in your house!


2. Flooring


You’re probably thinking “how on god’s green earth does my flooring have to do with preserving the eco-system?” To answer that question, a good lot. Typically, most home owners opt for timber hardwood flooring as it is the most easily available and a cheaper alternative. However the flooring choice that I strongly recommend because it is the most eco-friendly would be bamboo flooring. Reason being, bamboo is the quickest growing plant on earth; which makes this the most environmentally friendly choice because of its alarmingly high rate of replenishment. Rapid growth rate aside, investing in this ecological option also means your floors would be water-resistant, more durable, easily refurbished from scratches and marks and undoubtedly more stylish.


3. House Plants


If going green is new in thing, houseplants should be the pinnacle of what dicates home décor. These cute potted plants have been an essential style icon since the Victorian era in the 70s –only the more reason to add a couple in your living area. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why having more green in your general vicinity will help circulation and breathing; but what you might not know is that they also deter illnesses and help you work better. The leaves can be used to decorate your living room as well !



Studies have shown that having plants in your common area lessens the chances of a person getting dry skin, sore throats and dry coughs. As for being able to work better, it’s been tested that working with nature in your environment improves concentration, memory and productivity.




4. Landscaping


It’s a given fact that the more green your home projects, the more welcoming and homey it would appear to other people. One way to take it to the next level is by dabbling in the world of landscaping! By styling and selecting you plants appropriately not only do you create a beautiful environment, you also enhance your neighbourhood livability and increase the value of your home to prospect buyers if you ever intend on selling your home one day. There are obviously many ecological benefits that come with landscaping that include extreme temperature control, local noise reduction, and decline in evaporation and soil degradation.


5. Bathroom Modifications


Tweaking a few things you do in the bathroom can make a huge difference to the planet and your water bill.  For example, the simple act of turning off the tap while brushing your teeth will go a long way as 182 litres of water is lost per weak due to leaky faucets. Switch out your normal toilet paper for recycled ones, use a cup of warm water when shaving instead of a tap, open your windows to avoid having to use toxic sprays or chemicals for mold, install wall planters to enhance breathability and air flow and you will definitely notice a phenomenal change in your environment.

In my opinion, going green at home is definitely something worth investing your time into as you really don’t lose out on anything. Your home will be a fortress of solitude and tranquillity (which also means it would’ve doubled in value on the market), and by making these small changes you save money in the long run. It benefits the environment, the eco-system as well as prevents greenhouse gas emissions, and by doing your part in making the world a better place to live in; you’re simultaneously making your life a better place to live in as well. If you want to take the first step into creating a healthier environment for everyone around you, head to ezbuy.my to start picking up home essentials from our botanic living collection!




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