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Awesome Bedroom Ideas for Kids!

Kids and Children: – Everyone who has the title of parent obviously has one and every parent wants to do something with the kids’ bedroom to make it their place. Looking through online options here will reveal a world of options and something suitable for your kids is just awaiting discovery no matter their age! Here are a couple of fantastic beds for the kids!


For the three year old who wants to stay grounded!

This bed is great for the children still struggling to find their footing/feet! Clambering in to bed is made easy with broad wide steps that are easy for those still making baby steps to climb! With the bed itself raised off the floor keeps them clear of cold draughts of air and dust that lingers on the ground, the under bed space is effectively utilized to create storage drawers. The guardrails along the sides can be removed as necessary, perfect for pushing the bed alongside the parents’ bed on a stormy night when the children don’t want to sleep alone!


When the kids under six have to share!

Siblings can’t stand each other, especially when they have to share a room. It’s even worse when they have to share a bunk bed where one has to climb a squeaky ladder that can make the whole joined bed frame shake!

This particular design eliminates that problem entire by creating a comfortable broad staircase to climb up and down from the bottom to the top bunk mate can descend without waking whoever sleeps below.

Strong, simple and elegant in design, the stair case also houses a cunningly hidden set of drawers so there’s plenty of space to store everything!


For the seven year old eager to fly!

With sturdy metal construction, coupled with snap together assembly, you can raise the bed more than just a few inches off the floor! Why not raise the bed even higher and turn that small under bed space in to storage or even a full play area?

That’s precisely what you can do with this product that truly maximizes the efficient use of space in your child’s bedroom!



Add in the ability to socialize!

I think this is the best one in the whole bunch! Made from processed pine wood, it keeps the lovely fresh cool scent of the forest that helps soothe and calm the kids. The wide stairs are easy to navigate up and are also host to a collection of drawers in each step!

A slide add a bit of fun to getting down from the top bunk and underneath that bunk is a perfect space for a tea party, a board game session or to do the dreaded homework! Comes complete with full shelves for storage of everything for that tea party, a board game or even the homework!

Better yet: – the table can collapse down to create a nice flat lounging space that can be converted in to a second bed space! I’m sold on this one and buying it!


Unfortunately, the kids do grow up.

From the head board to the under bed storage drawers this is the clean cut classic design that is a successful blend of both practical and functional that all kids seem drawn towards when they want to grow up a little bit – or a lot!

That is the way things are with kids, so grab something to create the bedroom of their childhood dreams from this collection before they start growing in to adults!


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